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September 29, 2014
With so many different applications for welding and grinding, it pays to choose the right helmet for the job. In Australia, welding and grinding are responsible for nearly a third of all eye injuries* and result in more then 500 hospitalisations...View
September 26, 2014
Europe's most popular Forklift the UROMAC DTH 2500 was unloaded today. Two DTH2500s packed neatly into one 40 foot Shipping Container were unloaded today by Forklift Finder Services Director Peter de Ryk and staff.View
September 26, 2014
Generator “Glazing” One of the most common maintenance issues faced by equipment rental companies is the phenomenon known as “glazing”. This is engine damage caused to generators either through misuse or poor sizing.View
September 26, 2014
Redstar Equipment is a specialist fixed-speed diesel equipment company providing generators, compressors, welders, lighting towers, distribution boards, parts and servicing to many of Australia’s largest mining, construction, industrial,...View
September 26, 2014
Check out our new video on Generator Selection. This video explores the the three channels of enquiry when it comes to generators and simplifies the section criteria based on the application it will be used for.View
September 25, 2014
After having ordered last year two VERY LARGE capacity plate roll, an important Korean leader shipbuilder, has TRIPLICATE the initial order, purchasing from DAVI a third plate roll, bigger than the already very heavy first two, for one of its...View
September 25, 2014
DAVI machine systems lead the way DAVI, a world leader in high precision machine systems, has taken Australian industry by storm. DAVI bending machines, plate rolls, wind tower lines, section rolls are synonymous with exceptional productivity,...View
September 18, 2014
WorldSkills is an international initiative that identifies and nurtures “Trade” and “Skill” talent around the globe. It is about selecting the best up and coming young talent across a range of skills, and having them compete...View
September 17, 2014
-[[Safety and Efficiency - getting home at the end of the day is what it’s all about!]]- Loaded with safety features, our new Transarc 130 & 170 amp single-phase inverters are more efficient and easier to control than ever.View
September 15, 2014
11/9/2013 NEWS FROM SMENCO PTY LTD Heading: Made-in-Melbourne MiCut continues to lead CNC cutting industry Copy: Since launching onto the local Australian market last year MiCut has gained a solid reputation in the industry for precision cutting...View
September 3, 2014
Farming equipment and machinery does not need to cost a fortune to deliver high performing results. From generators to fire pumps, air compressors, cooling units or storage, Blue Diamond specialises in cost effective, high performance machinery and...View
August 29, 2014
Are you in the market for a new welding machine? Not quite sure which brand you should choose? With a long and upstanding history here in Australia, CIGWELD should definitely be one of your top options! Investing such a large sum of money into a...View
August 27, 2014
Sullair Australia has relaunched its celebrated premium range of Champion compressors. Renowned for reliable performance in the toughest of conditions, the Champion family—now comprising the CSA and the VOC (Variable Output Control)...View
August 27, 2014
The comet edge series of Regulators are some of the most advanced regulators introduced into the Australian market in over 20 years. The new COMET edge range includes: Oxygen, Acetylene, LPG and Argon.View
August 25, 2014
New stock is just leaving our factory now, and they're pre-sold so we have ordered more. We're also getting build some 330kVA units. A Diesel Powered Generator is by far the best choice for off grid power production.View
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