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June 15, 2016
The Flagler Dovetail collar machine will save you time and money! Convert your scrap metal into valuable starting collars or take offs for flex duct. This machine makes a 200 diameter x 150 long collar in four seconds!! yes just four seconds.View
June 15, 2016
SCALEN 3.7m x 5.5m X 200T CNC PRESS BRAKE with table crowning and SINGLE AXIS BACK GAUGE. USED MACHINE Machine can be seen operating prior to purchase. Machine has hydraulic table crowning Multi vee tooling will be supplied with the machine or...View
June 14, 2016
With the advent of complete nesting and machining solutions, inventory and stock control systems are quickly becoming a key part of the manufacturing process. What's the best solution to effectively managing your stock? SCM groups Flexstore...View
June 8, 2016
It's time to rethink sawing! EVERISING introduces the E Series range of automatic band saws bringing to the market a new level of technological advancement placing EVERISING in the front of the pack for value, performance, ease of use, safety and...View
June 6, 2016
$20k TAX BREAK! Great news for small to medium business owners! Spend on an asset less than $20k and obtain an immediate write-off of capital assets! What this means for YOU! This 'tax break' will mean improved cash flow to all business owners and...View
June 6, 2016
The Australian launch of the K360 range of SCM edgebanding machines takes place this week. Designed for Australian cabinetmakers, these machines are perfect for nested panels and high gloss edgetapes.View
June 1, 2016
In an industry that’s always pushing the envelope and with clients that are always searching for a new, unique sound – Maton guitars have proven themselves on the world stage.View
May 23, 2016
SCM Group's SI400Nova Panel saw has been upgraded to have a 3.8m sliding table option. Already popular throughout Australia as a 3.2m machine, this added function makes the Nova capable of handling any panel size.View
May 20, 2016
TELFORD SMITH now represent MOVACOLOR throughout Australia so we can help you achieve up to 50% savings on additives consumption... A WORLD WITHOUT COLOUR IS IMPOSSIBLE TO IMAGINE...View
May 16, 2016
Working to simplify and organise your aluminium manufacturing, these new release FOM products will be an effective addition to your factory. FOM PRISMA Window and Door Seal Trolley The new FOM Industrie Prisma Decoiling trolley keeps all your...View
May 10, 2016
PLUS we are offering a FREE Waste Audit to us now on 03 8792 9777 to book it in! Our compaction and baling solutions make a significant contribution to effective and efficient waste management, sustainable business practices, the...View
May 10, 2016
Using modern technology to build timeless yachts Without modern technology, companies working in the boat sector would be limited in their ability to meet increasingly demanding client requests in terms of quality and customization.View
May 4, 2016
Brand new ,all in one,no more getting out of your machine to release the front attachment, and you have the luxury of setting all your attachments on a side tilt degree to do the perfect job,other major brands are asking over $7500-00 for this...View
May 2, 2016
The New Revolution in Stock and Retrieval systems from SCM Group has arrived. The NEW revolutionary range of SCM Flexstore stock and retrieval systems will change the way you see your whole production environment.View
April 30, 2016
Don't Miss Out on Agrisons 2016 BIGGEST CABIN TRACTOR SALE. 45HP ULTRA G3 Cabin Tractor Was $25,990 now $23,990inc gst!!! ONLY 8 UNITS LEFT AT THIS PRICE!! Mowing acres of lawn on your property can take forever on a regular mower Wheel-barrowing...View
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