Brisbane, 09 February 2012 - Australia’s premier manufacturer of CNC routers and plasma cutters, Advanced Robotic Technology (ART), is introducing a new service, which will allow manufacturers in Australia to retrofit their outdated CNC routers and plasma cutters with new state-of-the-art CNC motion controllers.
A CNC retrofit counteracts the signs of ageing and modernises outdated flatbed machinery to improve productivity, enable new functions, and increase energy efficiency. “If the mechanics are still in good condition yet the control unit or drive is no longer state-of-the-art, CNC retrofit often is much more cost effective than buying a new system,” ART Director David White explains. “Also, a CNC retrofit will provide significant performance improvements, increased efficiency, and greater spare part availability.”
The comprehensive package involves replacing the motion controller board and all relevant wiring inside the control box, as well as a new high end Windows 7 touch screen-based controller interface.
Company Director and co-founder David White took over full ownership of the company in late 2010 and has since introduced many new services and products to lead the company’s expansion efforts into new and existing markets. “While we see huge potential for growth in the local oil & gas industry, I believe we will see long-term growth coming from overseas markets such as the United States,” he explains.
As part of these efforts, ART has recently appointed a new distributor in the U.S. to support the local target market. Consulting and Field Service Engineer Brad Westenhover ( together with ART’s ToolShop software distributor Dean Fowell will support ART’s move to increase export business as part of the company’s strategic plan to grow markets outside Australia.
Additionally, Mr White expects positive impacts on sales through a new business structure, including a new re-organised marketing and sales team and improved production processes.“2012 is going to be a big year for us,” he says. “Our existing tried and tested machinery as well as our extended product and services range have generated a lot of interest amongst our customer base and our order books are really starting to fill up.”
The company’s constant investment in R&D and its commitment to quality has secured a global recognition in the market and has resulted in an ever-expanding product range. Currently, ART is developing a revolutionary new portable CNC Engineering Solution under the metaltek brand, designed to take the workshop into the field, and will soon release version 2.0 of its popular toolpathing and nesting software ToolShop.
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