NEW Release last a COMPACT CNC Drilling Machine

CNC precision in the smallest of spaces

Corner joints and rows of holes in cabinet production using classic drilling machines are always a challenge. The new CNC drilling and milling centre c-express 920 from Format-4 is the perfect solution and with a space requirement of just 2.5 m² its a real profit earner even for the smallest of workshops.

We have all faced the situation - palettes of cabinet components, central divides, tops, bottoms, drawers and fronts must all be matched up, drilled, modified and drilled again. A large amount of time and effort from one order to the next.

The new FORMAT-4 c-express 920 drilling and milling centre carries out all recurring drilling and milling processes quickly, accurately and with uncompromised CNC productivity. Recurring drill designs can be retrieved easily and reused for similar workpieces or orders as required. With the compact machine design of the c-express 920, the CNC controlled cabinet production machine is a guaranteed profit maker for every workshop - regardless of the space available.

Requiring a space of just 2.5m² (1.9 x 1.3 m) the precision machining centre guarantees optimum use of workshop space and enables unrestricted processing of the workpiece. The transport system feeds the workpiece through flat, over the processing aggregates units quickly and precisely. This method of processing prevents movement or charring, provides a constant zero point along the lower edge of the workpiece and ensures precise milling and drilling depths regardless of workpiece thickness tolerances.

The workpiece width can be continuously adjustable from 70 to 920 mm and in height from 12 to 50 mm for maximum flexibility. The standard 14 spindle drilling head can be equipped to meet the desired particular applications of the customer. The integrated grooving saw ensures precise cutting of back panels and construction connections. On request a powerful milling spindle with up to 24,000 rpm can ensure perfect grooves and together with the formatting program increases the productivity even further.

High quality unit drive system and guiding system guarantee perfect results, constant reliability and low maintenance. With modern laser measurement technology, the compact CNC centre achieves maximum dimensional precision.

The control system on the c-express 920 is based on the tried and tested programs of the larger Format-4 CNC machining centres. The planning software "Flash 3D" creates the processing programs and can be used for the three dimensional presentation of furniture as a presentation software. "WoodFlash" is the proven in-house developed software solution for simple and efficient programming. Quick program creation and high automisation possibilities as well as a bar code link for networked workshops ensures that the Format-4 slogan "drawing is programming" fits perfect to the new CNC drilling and milling centre.