Munich/Frankfurt am Main, 14-Feb-2012 The DPU 130 from Wacker Neuson, the world’s most powerful vibratory plate, has won this year’s German Industry Innovation Award in the medium-sized company category. The award ceremony took place on February 11, 2012, in Frankfurt am Main. In total, over 280 innovations were submitted by businesses for the award. The DPU 130 has done much to advance safety, performance and cost efficiency in the construction industry.

The German Industry Innovation Award was presented on February 11 under the patronage umbrella of Germany’s Federal Ministry of Education and Research. From more than 280 innovations submitted, Wacker Neuson’s DPU 130 – the world’s strongest vibratory plate – was chosen as the winner in the medium-sized company category.

“We are delighted at the jury’s decision. Our DPU 130 vibratory plate for soil compaction was developed specifically to answer the day-to-day challenges facing operators on site. The plate’s infrared remote control eliminates hand-arm vibrations and protects operators from exposure to exhaust fumes, dust and noise. It is a user friendly – and above all – safe machine,” explains Cem Peksaglam, CEO of Wacker Neuson, who was delighted to except the award recognizing Germany’s most innovative companies.

The German Industry Innovation Award has been presented every year since 1980 by the Rhein Main e.V business club and is regarded as the most prestigious innovation award worldwide. It is divided into three categories: major companies, medium-sized companies and start-ups.
Shortly before receiving this accolade, the DPU 130 was also recognized in Austria. In January, the Austrian construction magazine Baublatt Österreich named the DPU 130 winner in the Innovation of the Year 2012 category at its annual meeting for Austrian construction and construction equipment companies.

DPU 130 vibratory plate raises the bar in compaction
With a compaction performance of 130 kN, the Wacker Neuson vibratory plate outperforms the most powerful conventional vibratory plates on the market by 30 percent. This means that with an approximate operating weight of just 1.2 tons, the DPU 130 is making inroads into a segment previously reserved for rollers in the 7-ton weight category. Thanks to its compact dimensions, the Wacker Neuson plate is significantly more flexible and economical than a roller. It is also much cheaper to transport, for example, as it does not need to be moved in a flat-bed truck. In addition, the DPU 130 costs less to run.

Wacker Neuson engineers developed a dedicated and unique base plate solution for the DPU 130. They designed an entirely new concept based on a split base plate with separate hydraulic controls. This innovative concept gives the plate its unique handling flexibility that allows it to tackle any maneuver, from turning corners to remaining stationary. It also enables operators to continuously adjust speed while maintaining the machine’s exceptional responsiveness. Intelligent sensors provide added protection by automatically deactivating the plate as soon as it gets within two meters of the operator. They also ensure that the machine cannot be damaged by incorrect use.

Wacker Neuson first unveiled the DPU 130 at bauma 2010 in Munich, the world’s largest construction equipment trade fair. The machine is manufactured with a high degree of vertical integration in Germany. Since its launch, it has resulted in predictable and quantifiable safety, performance and cost efficiency gains in the construction industry. “Once you have tried the DPU 130, you will never want to be without one again. It is a truly impressive product,” concludes Cem Peksaglam.

About Wacker Neuson
The Wacker Neuson Group is a leading manufacturer of light and compact equipment with over 30 affiliates and more than 140 sales and service stations across the globe. Manufacturing activities are distributed across three sites in Germany, one in Austria, a components manufacturing plant in Serbia, two sites in the US and one in the Philippines. Products manufactured by the company are branded Wacker Neuson. In Europe, the Group also distributes compact equipment under the brand names Kramer Allrad and Weidemann (agricultural machinery). With over 300 product categories and a global spare parts service, Wacker Neuson is the partner of choice among professional users in a wide range of industries including the construction, gardening, landscaping and agriculture sectors, as well as among municipal bodies and companies in the industrial, recycling and energy sectors.