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Ajax Mining sump pump new
New Centrifugal Pump
Ajax Flat & Clout
Ajax Taiwanese CNC Smart Lathes with Eziturn Controls
Ajax Centrifugal - Stainless Steel Type - 50-130-B54X50-130-B54X
Used Centrifugal Pump
Ajax Chin Hung Lathes from 780mm to 1020mm swing
New Lathe
Ajax Chin Hung Lathes from 860mm to 1020mm swing
New Lathe
Ajax Lathe 430mm x 800mm
Used Lathe
Ajax assorted water pumps
Used Water Pump
Used Positive Displacement Pump
Used Water Pump
Ajax GD 3
Used Positive Displacement Pump
Ajax SS Mixer 3.3
Used Industrial Mixers & Blenders
Ajax Horizontal bandsaw
Ajax 2000 To Iso2858 Pump Size 65x40-315 #Z
Used Hydraulic Pump


Equipment Sold: Ajax Horizontal bandsaw
Location: NSW
Ajax Coolant Tank Chip & Sludge Remover
Horizontal Metal Borers
New | POA
Ajax Water and Oil Separator
Vertical Machining Centres
New | POA
Ajax Coolant Tank Chip & Sludge Remover
Surface grinders
New | POA
Cylindrical Grinders 270mm to 500mm
Cylindrical Grinders
New | POA
Ajax Semi or Full Auto Bandsaws up to 1100mm
Automatic Bandsaws
New | POA
Ajax Coolant Tank Chip & Sludge Remover
Horizontal Bandsaws
New | POA
Ajax Coolant Tank Chip & Sludge Remover
Chip Conveyors
New | POA
Ajax Coolant Tank Chip & Sludge Remover
CNC Lathe Mill Turn Centre
New | POA
Ajax NC Auto Circular Saws
Automatic Cold Saws
New | POA
Ajax (Taiwan) Mobile Metal Dust Collector Stand
Dust Extraction Accessories
New | POA
Ajax & Magnum-Cut Crankshaft Grinders
Crankshaft Grinder
New | POA
Ajax Flat Bed CNC Lathes opt. Live Tooling & C axis
CNC Lathe Mill Turn Centre
New | $132,000
Taiwanese Oil Country Lathes up to 2000mm swing 530mm bore
Oil Field & Hollow Spindle Lathes
New | $77,000
Ajax Touch Screen Automatic Radial Drills
Radial Arm Drills
New | $49,500