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Goldstein Second Hand 6 burner stove with hot plat
Used Oven
Goldstein Waterless Wok Cooker - CWA-3
New Wok Burner
Goldstein Waterless Wok Cooker - CWA-3B2
New Wok Burner
Goldstein Wok Cooker Bench Mounted - CW-1
New Wok Burner
New Cook Top
Goldstein PF6-28 LPG GAS RANGE
New Oven
New Cook Top
Goldstein PFB-36 6 BURNER COOKTOP (NG)
New Cook Top
Goldstein PFB-48 8 BURNER COOKTOP (NG)
New Cook Top
New Salamander
Goldstein TPE100 BRATT PAN
New Bratt Pan
Goldstein "CHAR-GLO" CHAR
New Grills
New Grills
New Grills
New Grills


Equipment Sold: Goldstein GOLDSTEIN 8 BURNER GAS STOVE / OVEN PF-840 Oven
Location: SA

"It worked well for a rare product."

Equipment Sold: Goldstein goldstien bratt pan Bratt Pan
Location: VIC