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Machines4u and its private sellers and dealers have 98 Komatsu machines for sale. All new Komatsu machines incorporate the latest technology to make the design and user experience even more enjoyable. On the other hand, there are used Komatsu equipment in all sizes and configuration to meet your needs and standards. If you are looking for more information about a certain machine you can proceed to that specific advertisement. There, you will find full contact details of the dealer or private seller so you can contact them directly for further inquiries.
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Komatsu wb93r-2
Used Backhoe
Komatsu 2012 PC850-8EO Track Excavator
Komatsu Bulldozer D65E
Used Bulldozer
Komatsu 630E ARMATURE
Used Earthmover Tyres
Komatsu Dozer with Rake and Forestry guarding
Komatsu Dozer With Forestry Guarding
Komatsu D85A-21 Bulldozer *CONDITIONS APPLY*
Used Bulldozer
Komatsu D85A-21B Dozer *DISMANTLING*
Wrecking Bulldozer
Komatsu PC200-6 Excavator *DISMANTLING*
Wrecking Excavator
Komatsu PC220LC-7 Excavator *DISMANTLING*
Parts and Wrecking Excavator
Komatsu D65A-6 Bulldozer *DISMANTLING*
Wrecking Bulldozer
Komatsu WA300-1 Wheel Loader Dismantling
Parts and Wrecking Loaders
Komatsu WA380-1 Wheel Loader *DISMANTLING*
Komatsu 2015 PC45MR-3 Excavator *DISMANTLING*
Wrecking Excavator

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Equipment Sold: Komatsu Komatsu 20 ton Excavator with Quick Hitch and Bucket Excavator
Location: VIC

"Great features and all for free, I had a lot of calls from all over the country."

Equipment Sold: Komatsu Komatsu WA400-1
Location: WA

"Happy with the site as it generates genuine enquiries."

Equipment Sold: Komatsu 2007 Komatsu 380-6 Articulated Wheel Loader
Location: VIC


Equipment Sold: Komatsu KOMATSU Uncoiler & Feeder Press & Stamp
Location: VIC


Equipment Sold: Komatsu Komatsu Mud Bucket Excavator Attachments
Location: QLD

"Very Good"

Equipment Sold: Komatsu Komatsu GD530A Grader. Excellent Condition Grader
Location: NSW

"Works well."

Equipment Sold: Komatsu Komatsu D65 BullDozer Bulldozer
Location: WA


Equipment Sold: Komatsu Skid Steer Skid Steer
Location: WA


Equipment Sold: Komatsu Komatsu PC78UU-6EO Excavator
Location: NSW


Equipment Sold: Komatsu KOMATSU D80A-12 Bulldozer
Location: SA

"Good. Very Good!"

Equipment Sold: Komatsu KOMATSU PC120-6 Excavator
Location: NSW

"Very good!"

Equipment Sold: Komatsu As new 1.8T Komatsu FG 18 HT-20 Forklift Truck
Location: QLD


Equipment Sold: Komatsu 2011 Komatsu PC450LC-8 Excavator
Location: NSW


Equipment Sold: Komatsu 2007 KOMATSU PC228 EXCAVATOR Excavator
Location: QLD

"Really good!"

Equipment Sold: Komatsu Komatsu PC88MR-6 Excavator
Location: WA