Lazzari Machines began their operations in year 2007, with their first machine being released the following year. Initially, they started with participation from LazzariS.p.A, Italy, but in the beginning of 2009, all the shares of Lazzari, Italy were bought over by the Indian shareholders so today, it is already a fully Indian-owned brand with all the technical know-how from the parent company. In time, Lazzari became well-known for manufacturing sliding table saws and its variants, octopro, corner rounding machines, fixed and sliding table circular saws and special purpose machine

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Lazzari   TEMA 3200 Panel Saw
Lazzari TEMA 3200 Panel Saw

Used $4,500


In Stock

New $6,500

WA - Delivers Nationally

Lazzari Table Saw -   TAMA3200
Lazzari Table Saw - TAMA3200

Used $4,000


Lazzari Sliding Panel Saw
Used Panel Saw
Lazzari Spindle Moulder
Used Spindle Moulder
Lazzari Juno 3800
New Panel Saw
Lazzari professional table saw
Used Panel Saw
Lazzari Very Low cost 2500mm Panelsaw with independent Scriber
Used Panel Saw
Lazzari Juno 3000i panel saw with scriber
Used Panel Saw
Lazzari Panel saw
Used Panel Saw
Lazzari Panel saw Tema 2600
Used Panel Saw
Lazzari Panel saw. NEED GONE
Used Panel Saw
Lazzari Panel Saw 3mtr sliding table with tilt and scribe
Used Panel Saw
Lazzari 240V panel saw 3.2m sliding table
Used Panel Saw
Lazzari edgebander
Lazzari 3phase panel saw 2.6m sliding table
Used Panel Saw
Lazzari Tema 2500iS sliding table panel saw used
Used Panel Saw
Lazzari 3.8 panel saw
Used Panel Saw


Equipment Sold: Lazzari Panel Saw 3mtr sliding table with tilt and scribe Panel Saw
Location: VIC

"Very good website."

Equipment Sold: Lazzari Lazzari Panel Saw Panel Saw
Location: QLD

"Fantastic! "

Equipment Sold: Lazzari Lazzari Tekna Panel Saw Panel Saw
Location: VIC

"very good. worked good and quick"

Equipment Sold: Lazzari Tema 3000i Panel Saw
Location: NSW

"Very good"

Equipment Sold: Lazzari Tema 3200 Panel Saw
Location: QLD

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