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8 Popular Excavator Attachments And Their Uses

23 Apr,2019 - One of the reasons excavators are such versatile machines is the sheer number of attachments they can use. Whether it’s digging a hole, moving objects, or crushing concrete, there’s an attachment for it. For a quick run-down, we’ve compiled a list of the most popular excavator attachments on Machines4U and what they are used for. ...

Award Winning Excavator Attachment Improving Productivity & Performance

14 Apr,2022 - Presented by Boss Attachments Productivity, performance and safety are three aspects that are vital to any machine owner. And one business who has found the answer to dramatically improving the ability of your excavator is Boss Attachments. Boss Attachments is an Australian company who developed the award-winning Extractor Telescopic Clamshell with Canadian company Shearpower Corp. ...

Fogging and Misting Cannons Revolutionising Dust Suppression

07 Apr,2022 - Presented by biOx Environmental Dust is among the most common problems faced within the construction, demolition and mining sectors due to its impact on workers’ health and the environment.  Since dust inhalation has been linked to both short and long-term health issues, including lung cancers and chronic lung disease, it’s no surprise the Australian state ...

Compact Machinery Market Trends

31 Mar,2022 - Compact machines have been experiencing a major resurgence in Australia over the last 12 months. The demand for used skid steers and diggers under 5 tonnes have lifted sales of these assets to close-to-record highs. At Pickles Industrial, we found this interesting trend required further investigation. We wanted to find out what was driving this ...

Construction Equipment Business Leads the Way in Service & Reliability

10 Mar,2022 - Presented by Baxter Hire Equipment For many in the construction industry, reliable machinery is their top priority. Every second a machine is unreliable is money down the drain. With operators having so many different needs and requirements, finding the right balance as a brand in the market is no easy task. But, when it comes ...

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