If you need to work at height in situations which involve uneven terrain, or in narrow passageways, spider lifts are the access equipment you've been looking for. This piece of machinery allows you to work safely in even the most difficult conditions.

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Spider lifts are much like normal boom lifts in terms of reach, however they can operate on a wheeled or tracked chassis and they have four legs that must be lowered to allow the basket to elevate. This ensures the stability of the equipment and is where the name comes from.

With a host of benefits, the spider lift is an excellent choice for high reach access machinery. It's a practical, maneuverable and versatile machine that can be used for a number of applications including, construction, forestry and maintenance. Spider lifts are frequently used by arborists to maintain trees on uneven terrain. The spider-like legs allow for the machine to remain stable and balanced, as they don't have to be positioned flat on the ground.

Another key benefit of the spider lift is the compact design of most models. By extending the legs once in place, the machine can be used in both indoor and outdoor terrain. This makes them ideal for working in hard-to-reach internal atriums, and makes moving through standard single or double doorways possible.

The design also eliminates the need to use traditional scaffolding, as the spider lift is much easier to transport, set up and run--saving you time and money! An operator can even complete a range of jobs in the same time it takes to construct scaffolding.

Spider lifts are manufactured with a variety of reach capabilities. Smaller machines can reach up to 5m, while larger models can see you reaching over 40m. Most models are also equipped with self-levelling platforms for safe positioning on a variety of terrain.

Another feature that makes these machines suited to both indoor and outdoor use is the option of diesel, battery powered, electric or dual-powered machines. Of course, a diesel powered machine will work better in outdoor applications, whereas an electric machine is better suited to the indoors.

While there are a host of benefits to a spider lift, it's important to note that they can be a more expensive option than other access equipment, like articulated cherry pickers or personnel lifts. So, it's a good idea to know exactly what you need the lift for, before making a choice on this machine.

Overall, the spider lift is a great piece of access equipment for working at heights, as they are maneuverable, easy to set up and are versatile.