Concrete equipment is used to remove and repair existing concrete, as well as lay and polish new concrete structures on construction sites. This equipment includes tools such as walk-behind trowels, ride-on trowels, concrete grinders, mixers and pumps.

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Whether you're pouring a new driveway or building bridges, roads and dams, concrete equipment can be used to assist in the process. This equipment can range from handheld tools like concrete screeds to specialised vehicles like concrete truck mixers. With such tools available, it's easy to make light work of both small and large scale projects.

If you're only working on small home projects, it won't be necessary to invest in specialised equipment, like a concrete mixer truck, so it's important to know the scope of your project before you purchase the equipment.

Of course there is a specific need for every piece of concrete equipment available. For example, concrete mixer trucks are used when a large amount of concrete has been made and requires transportation to a site. These trucks work to keep the concrete moving to eliminate any potential hardening during the transportation process. On a smaller scale, general concrete mixers are used on sites where such a large amount of concrete isn't needed. These tools do the same thing, rotating and moving concrete to eliminate premature hardening, and are mostly used on residential building sites or small-to-medium commercial sites.

Concrete mixers aren't the only pieces of equipment that vary depending on the scale of your project. Concrete pumps are another category of equipment that has a variety of options available. Some choose to use a truck-mounted spray pump to quickly pour concrete and save time on large construction sites. While others choose to use stationary pumps for smaller jobs like driveways and swimming pools. It all comes down to how you need to use the equipment and the scale of your work.

Now, once the concrete is poured and ready for smoothing, there are a range of tools available to help complete the job. Both ride-on and walk-behind concrete trowels are very popular pieces of equipment used to finish concreting projects. Another piece of concrete equipment commonly used are concrete screeds, which are used to spread and even out the concrete after it has been poured.

As with anything, the concrete equipment you choose will depend on your project scale and ongoing requirements. It's important to note these aspects before purchase because concrete equipment can range anywhere from a few hundred dollars to hundreds of thousands. If you need help making your choice, contact a local concrete equipment supplier.