string(18) "browsepumps-valves" string(455) "((tag_idraw:23 OR tag_idraw:102014 OR tag_idraw:299 OR tag_idraw:417 OR tag_idraw:560 OR tag_idraw:547 OR tag_idraw:200 OR tag_idraw:469 OR tag_idraw:492 OR tag_idraw:98 OR tag_idraw:332 OR tag_idraw:252 OR tag_idraw:550 OR tag_idraw:300 OR tag_idraw:463 OR tag_idraw:294 OR tag_idraw:391 OR tag_idraw:75 OR tag_idraw:39 OR tag_idraw:102 OR tag_idraw:558 OR tag_idraw:524 OR tag_idraw:162 OR tag_idraw:131539)) AND (cougar* OR cougar) AND advert_status:1 "
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