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Prepaid and Account Credits Explained

Upgrading your ads is the best way to boost sales results, increase your exposure and drive sales leads. We offer a variety of helpful Ad Upgrades to suit sellers of any size.

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Serious sellers are able to save money and time on Ad Upgrades by using Credits. You can manage your account Credits in two ways:

1.  Using Prepaid Credit packs.  Prepaid Credits can be used on all Ad Upgrades and gives you a method of payment, other than using your credit card.  Using Prepaid Credits can save you up to 20% on Ad Upgrades.

2.  Setting a post-paid, Account Credit Limit. A post-paid Credit Limit will bill your card once a month with the Ad Upgrades used, or when your limit is reached.  A post-paid credit limit simplifies your monthly billing and ensures you can upgrade whatever you like, whenever you like.

Prepaid Credit Packs

Prepaid Credit Packs are a quick way to top up your account balance. Purchasing Prepaid Credits in bulk always gives you the best value for money.

Credit Packages

Prepaid Credits can be used to purchase ad upgrades to get your items better exposure. With  Prepaid Credits, you no longer need to keep paying for upgrades through Visa, Mastercard or Paypal every time you upgrade. Instead,  Prepaid Credits streamline the entire checkout process and act as an convenient alternative payment option for professional and private sellers alike.

You save upto 20% on Ad Upgrades when using Prepaid Credit Packs

Choose a Prepaid Credit Pack:

110 Credits



330 Credits



580 Credits



1200 Credits



(All Prices Include GST.)

Account Credit Limit:

Setting a post-paid Credit Limit is an easy way to control on how much you and your team spend on upgrades and simplifies your monthly bill.  Simply choose a limit on the amount of credits you’d ever use on upgrades (on top of your membership) and you only ever pay for what you use.


Here’s how Credit Limits work for you:

  • Improves Ad Performance. Keep your ad upgrades performing keeping you ahead of your competition by ensuring your upgrades don’t deactivate due to insufficient credit.
  • Quicker & Easier: Check out quicker by just billing to your account.
  • Simpler Billing: Reduce all payments into one invoice billed on the 15th of each month or the day you reach your credit limit, whichever comes first.

Set your Account Credit Limit:

Learn more about credit limits.

Frequently Asked Questions
Frequently Asked Questions


How do I add Prepaid Credit?

Simply add a Prepaid Credit pack to your cart and complete checkout. You can choose buy the pack once off, or recurring monthly if you use a lot of upgrades regularly.

What can I use Prepaid Credit on?

Credit can be used on a wide range of classified listing upgrades available when placing listings.  We’re expanding the options all the time and will add new options here as they become available.

Do I have to add Prepaid Credit each month?

No, you can add Prepaid Credits whenever you like.  Just switch off the recurring purchase on the Prepaid Credit pack when purchasing if you would only like to purchase credits “once off”.

Can I cancel my recurring Prepaid Credit pack?

Yes. If you ever decide you don’t need the Credit at any time you can simply switch it off prior to your billing date.

How long does Prepaid Credit last?

Prepaid Credits will expire 12 months after your last Prepaid Credit purchase.  We will send you a reminder to make sure you don’t forget to use them.

How do recurring upgrade purchases work with Credit?

If you choose to add a recurring upgrade to one of your listings with Prepaid Credit and you do not have enough Credit available when the upgrade renews  in the next month you will be notified by email that your upgrade failed to renew.  If you would like all upgrades to renew automatically no matter what your Prepaid balance we suggest you set a “Credit Limit” on your account which will bill your upgrades directly to your card.

Do you offer any discount plans on Prepaid Credit?

The larger amount of Prepaid Credit you buy the more Bonus credit you receive.

Can I change my amount of Prepaid Credit later on?

Absolutely! You can upgrade or downgrade your Credit anytime, just add or remove any Prepaid Credit packs you need prior to your billing date.

Can I use Prepaid Credit packs to clear my account balance rather than having it charged to my card?

Absolutely! If you’d like to save some money on clearing your account balance simply purchase a Prepaid Credit Pack and it will automatically add that amount from your account balance.