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Our extensive product range includes: Stainless Steel Tanks - Single skin, insulated, jacketed, vertical or horizontal configurations, sizes from 1 - 500,000 litre, all grades of stainless steel avaiable. Heating & Cooling Systems - S tate of the art air cooled water in sizes from 7 - 217kw (larger chillers on request). Temperature control systems to suit temperatures up to 3500C. Stainless Steel Fittings - BSM, BSP, Tri-Clover, Sprayballs, Butterfly Valves, Sample Taps, Tube Bends & Tees and more. Fabrication services available to customise fittings, connections and tanks to food grade standards. Wash (CIP) Systems - Fully automatic recirculating wash systems to suit tanks of all sizes. Heat Reclaim Systems - Get "free" hot water from your wasted heat energy, can be installed on almost any refrigeration system including cool rooms, milk vat cooling and chillers. 3 Phase Power Converters - Change your single phase (240V or 480V) into three phase 415V. Run any 3 phase machinery from welders to multiple motor loads and even CNC Please browse through our website and if you do not find what you are looking for, fill in our contact form and we will do our best to find what you need.
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Not Specified Unknown 23kW Air Cooled Water Chiller
New Boiling Water Units/Urns
Not Specified Unknown 440lt Single Skin Tank
Used Tanks
Not Specified Or Unknown 100lt Single Skin Stainless Steel Drum
New Stainless Steel Fabrication
Not Specified 100lt Stainless Steel CIP Balance Tank
Used Tanks
HST Homogenizer
IQ3 Metal Detector #2-
Used Metal Detectors
Not Specified Or Unknown Stainless Steel Tank 3,800lt Jacketed
Used Tanks
Not Specified Or Unknown 1,000lt Scrap Surface Steam Jackted Tank
New Tanks
Not Specified Or Unknown 500lt Jacketed Stainless Steel Tank
New Tanks
Not Specified Unknown Bratt Electric Cooking Pan
Used Bratt Pan
Not Specified 200lt Stainless Steel Balance Tank
Used Tanks
Not Specified Or Unknown 1,750lt Jacketed Stainless Steel Tank
Used Tanks
Not Specified Or Unknown 1,550lt Jacketed Stainless Steel Tank
Used Tanks
Not Specified 2,550lt Insulated Stainless Steel Tank
Used Tanks
Not Specified 3000lt Jacketed Tank
Used Tanks