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About Us

Genquip Power Products sells the best brands in the machinery industry at the most competitive prices: MTU & Mercedes-Benz Construction-Industrial, VM Motori,HATZ and Kohler Power Systems. With over 30 years experience in the farm machi nery industry we provide energy solutions for agricultural; mining; fire pump applications; construction and industrial equipment.
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Jmv Extraction Fan 200mm - Industrial Portable
New Exhaust Extraction
Cummins QSX15 665 HP Industrial Engine CFP15E-F30 | *Made in U.S.A* |
New Engines & Motors
Mtu Detroit Diesel PowerDrive Engine/Pump Platform
New Engines & Motors
Pramac -Lombardini Diesel S9000 8.8kVA
New Portable Generators
Pramac -Yanmar P11000 10.6kVA Diesel with ATS
New Portable Generators
Pramac -HONDA S12000 11.9 kVA Auto-Start Generator
New Portable Generators
Pramac -Lombardini P9000 8.8kVA Diesel-Silenced
New Portable Generators
Pramac -HONDA P1200 11.9kVA Petrol-Silenced
New Portable Generators
Mercedes Benz Mercedes-Benz OM926LA 325HP (240kW) Diesel Engine
New Engines & Motors
Kohler 66kVA Diesel Generator KD66 Open Frame - John Deere Powered
New Standby Generators
Kohler 11.5kVA Diesel Generator KM12 3-Phase Enclosed Cabinet
New Standby Generators
Donaldson FVG Cycloflow Air Cleaner G160587 including Air Element (P182049) & Air Safety
New Air Treatment
Jmv 20 Gun Safe Rifle Firearm Storage Lock Box
New Racking/Shelving/Storage
Jmv 3 Gun Safe Rifle Firearm Storage Lock Box
New Racking/Shelving/Storage
Jcb 444TA1 93kW Power Pack with Twin Disc Over Centre Clutch
Used Engines & Motors