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About Us

Mercuri Trading trades in a wide range of quality, well-built new and used machinery at affordable prices. We sell machines for a range of industries including the following: - Woodworking - Metalworking - Air Compressors - Dust / Fume Ext raction - Construction / Farming - Packaging - Plastic machinery
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Not Specified Stainless Steel Mixing Tank Bowl Mixer - 135L
Used Mixer
Axon Stainless Steel Heat Shrink Tunnel - 185 x 215mm
Used Shrink Tunnel Machines
Stainless Steel Large Long Range Hood Canopy
Used Canopy & Exhaust Hoods
Gallenkamp Laboratory Lab Incubator Reversion Oven
Used Oven
Contherm Scientific Ltd Laboratory Lab Incubator Oven
Used Laboratory Equipment
Aro 1" Polypropylene Diaphragm Pump
Datsun CPF02 Container Mast Forklift
Used Container Forklift
Central Storage Systems 500kg Manual Hydraulic Scissor Lift Turntable - 11
Used Scissor Lift Tables
Mirra Jacketed Stainless Steel Tank Vat - 1600L
Used Tanks
Tosh Exposure and Drying Unit for Pad Printing Plates
Used Label Equipment and Printers
American Furnace Company Industrial Electric Furnace Oven - 650C
Used Heat Treatment
AigEng Centrifugal Blower Fan - 3.6kW - AirEng
Used Industrial Blower
Bil-jax Biljax Cougar Personnel Man Lift 6m
Used Personnel Lifts
Jlg Liftpod FS80 Aerial Work Platform Man Lift
Used Personnel Lifts
Stainless Conveyor Stainless Steel Food Grade Elevator Conveyor
Used Conveyors & Elevators