Hire Hyster 1992 H7.00XL (PS067)

$1,234 Ex GST

Hire Guinault GA180 - 180kva

POA (Hire)

Hire East West Engineering Forklift Container Ramp Hire

POA (Hire)

Hire Rough Terrain Scissor Lift Hire Melbourne West

$250 Ex GST

Hire East West Engineering Forklift Safety Cage Hire

POA (Hire)

Hire 19FT 6M Scissor Lift Hire $240+GST per week

POA (Hire)

Hire Hyster 2.5 Tonne Forklift Hire

POA (Hire)

Hire Mercedes Benz Prime Mover Truck Rental

POA (Hire)

Hire Toro TX1000 Skid Steer Loader

$200 Ex GST

Hire Great Heavy duty Telehandler available for hire - 98368

$1,200 Ex GST

Hire 2001 HYSTER H16.00XM-12EC (PS076)

$1,234 Ex GST

Hire Hose reel with 60m high pressure hose

$40 Ex GST

Hire Hydroscrub Surface cleaner 50cm

$44 Ex GST

Hire Gerni MH7P 2500psi 415V hot water high pressure cleaner

$200 Ex GST

Hire Jetwave Hornet G2 ,4000psi petrol high pressure cleaner

$180 Ex GST

Hire Hyster H25.00F Forklift (PS120)

$1,234 Ex GST

Hire Gerni MC7P 2600psi 415V high pressure cleaner

$110 Ex GST

Hire Nilfisk CS 7000 Ride on sweeper/scrubber.

$440 Ex GST

Hire Nilfisk SW850S Large walk-behind sweeper

$220 Ex GST

Hire Nilfisk BR855 Ride-on Floor Scrubber

$300 Ex GST

Hire Nilfisk-ALTO Focus II or Scrubtec 784

$195 Ex GST

Hire Nilfisk SCRUBBER BA 531

$160 Ex GST

Hire Nilfisk SR1601 Ride-On Industrial Sweeper LPG

$350 Ex GST

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Power Tools Hire

Air Die Grinders, Angle Grinder, Angle Sander, Biscuit Joiner, Circular Saw, Circular Saw Blade, Construction Tools, Corded Drill, Cordless Drill, Demolition Saw, Diamond Blades...

Processing Equipment Hire

Accumulation Table, Aeration Tanks, Aerosol Filler, Air Classifier Mill, Air Conditioners, Air Conditioning, Air Filtration, Air Force Dryers, Air Heater, Air Scrubbers, Air Treatment...

Pumps Valves Hire

2 Cylinder Pump, Agriculture Pumps, Air Hose Reel, Air Pump, Ball Valves, Bore Pumps, Centrifugal Pump, Centrifugal Water Pump, Chemical Transfer Pumps, Circulator Pump, Construction Pumps...

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AC Motors, Air Belt Sander, Air Blow Gun, Air Chisel, Air Die Grinders, Air Drills, Air Grinders, Air Hammers, Air Heater, Air Hose Reel, Air Impact Wrenches...