Airman SDG25S: The introduction

In order to continuously run a business in remote areas, there is a definite need for generators, specifically a prime generator. These equipment have the ability to provide power to your heavy duty machines and tools. So with the help of these gen sets, you can be productive regardless of where your operations lie. But of course, no ordinary gen set can do the job. If you ask me, there’s one brand that I’m sure will be able to deliver what your enterprise demands. And that’s Airman. For more than 70 years, this manufacturing company has been at the top of its game. Now, without further ado, let’s get to our review of one of Airman’s SDG prime generators, the SDG25S.

Airman SDG25S: Key features


You won’t have any problems with this generator since it features the Kubota V2403-K3A engine. This 3-cylinder diesel engine is able to deliver a rated output of 19.1kw and can achieve a maximum speed of 1,500rpm. In addition, this 3-phase 20kVA 415V prime gen set showcases a massive fuel tank capacity of 70L. You’re sure to save money as well with its 3L/hr consumption at 50% load (4L/hr at 75% load). So you can enjoy the power SDG25S offers for a longer period of time in comparison to other makes and models.


I’m sure you’re going to enjoy the utilisation of the SDG25S since it has low noise levels of 59dB at 7m. Actually, all gen sets in the SDG series have low noise levels. That’s because Airman equipped them with a highly attenuated muffler, as well as a special exhaust system design. Furthermore, there’s also an inlet duct design that further lessens the noise. So you and your workers can accomplish all tasks efficiently without any distractions from loud prime generators.

Aside from that, the Japanese Government Authority approved this generator as “The 3rd Diesel Engine Driven Construction Machinery Exhaust Gas Regulation”. This means that it boasts of a clean engine that complies to the emission standards.

Rain-penetration prevention

Airman specially designed the air inlet port in order to increase intake air. This will also lessen the suction pressure inside which in turn will prevent rain water penetration. Another installation is the insert type seal that we usually use for automobiles. This standard feature further minimizes the potential for rain penetration in the SDG25S.

Easy maintenance and operation

You can easily do daily inspections by just opening the right side door since that’s where you’ll be able to access the different components. Even the mounting and demounting of the fuel tank is easy because of the flat bottom floor. As for the cleaning of the radiator, you just have to remove both side front covers and the dividable fan shrouds. Additionally, you can select the frequency and adjust the engine speed. You just have to access the control panel inside the gen set.

Airman SDG25S: Price

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Airman SDG25S: Videos

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Airman SDG25S: The verdict

As you can see, this gen set is definitely up to par with all the other prime generators on the market. There’s no question about its ability to deliver the kind of power your operations would need. It’s also quite durable which assures you of a return of investment in no time at all. Not to mention that it’s quiet and environmental-friendly. Basically, the SDG25S has a lot of features that overall improves longevity, reliability, and fuel efficiency. So don’t hesitate to contact your local dealer about the Airman SDG25S today.

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