Blue Diamond BDP9000: The introduction

I speak for everyone when I say that I want a silent generator. Whether we’re going to use it for outdoor purposes or to power our home appliances when there’s an outage, we don’t want to hear that loud noise that gen sets emit. As much as possible, we want to work in peace without any buzzing sound being a distraction. Now, I can’t tell you that finally, we have that on the market (because we don’t). However, we do have some models that are able to minimize those noise levels to make them more tolerable and relatively silent. One portable generator that comes to mind is Blue Diamond’s BDP9000. If you want to know more about this product, then check out my review of this gen set.

Blue Diamond BDP9000: Key features

Quiet operation

So let’s get down to business. For quite some time now, customers have been requesting that Blue Diamond further lessen the noise levels of their 9kVA petrol generator. Well, the company is now able to give the market this enhanced gen set. Basically, the BDP9000 features a soundproof canopy. Because of this installation, this portable generator is able to bring down the noise level from 86db to 70db. Since this is the case, it is now more ideal for residential purposes. Not to mention that the canopy is of heavy duty steel.

So aside from it improving sound insulation, it also greatly promotes the durability of this equipment. In short, you won’t just have a quiet generator. You’ll have a silent gen set that can last you a long time. Actually, with it being Australian-made, there’s no doubt that this equipment can cope with our environment here.

Impressive specs

Before anything else, let’s first check out what the BDP9000 has to offer. Well, Blue Diamond equipped this portable generator with a reliable engine that is able to deliver 16hp. This 1-phase gen set can definitely provide 9kVA. In addition, it has a large fuel tank capacity that can reach up to 28L. And apart from that, this portable generator can continuously keep on running for about 8 to 10 hours. With its rated output of 7,000W to a maximum 8,000W, you’ll have no problem powering up your appliances and devices. So in comparison to other models on the market, the BDP9000 is obviously on par with them.

Standard features

Blue Diamond incorporated a lot of features in order to complete this portable generator unit. Among them are the electric key start system and the 2×15 AMP IP66 waterproof outlets. You can also transport the BDP9000 easily thanks to the inclusion of castor wheels. Most of the time, you need to carry portable generators. But with this integration, you can just push, pull, or glide them around without straining yourself. It even has lifting points. Plus, it is easy to maintain and service. Another integration is the interface digital meter. It’s easy to use so anybody can operate the BDP9000.

Blue Diamond BDP9000: Price

New: $1,354.55 AUD ($1,490 GST Inclusive) – Blue Diamond Machinery

Blue Diamond BDP9000: Videos

Blue Diamond BDP9000: The verdict

I’m sure you’re ecstatic to learn about this super quiet 9kVA petrol generator. But aside from that, this BDP9000 portable gen set still has a lot to offer. First of all, its power and rated output. It is also incredibly durable, relatively lightweight, and very versatile. This means that you can bring it wherever you need electricity. There’s no fuss even in maintaining it since it’s easy to do so. Not to mention that it’s one of the best deals on the market, considering that it’s brand new. So don’t wait any longer. Contact your local dealer and enquire about the Blue Diamond BDP9000 today.

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