Blue Diamond BDP6250: The Introduction

When managing your own business, whether big or small, there are different equipment that you need to purchase in order to keep your operations running smoothly. One of them is a portable generator. Essentially, they are a great source of backup electricity. For instance, if your money-making endeavor provides Internet-based services, these pieces of equipment can power your computers and other gadgets. Same thing with small businesses, like family restaurants. With a reliable portable generator, you’re sure that you’re prepared in the event of sudden outages.

Now, in today’s review, let me share with you a great portable generator brand, just in case you’re looking for one to add to your biz. The model is the 2017 Blue Diamond BDP6250 open frame generator. Read on its benefits and advantages below so would know if it’s something that is suitable for you.

Blue Diamond BDP6250: Key Features


Just recently we had the chance to get our hands on the BDP6250. And to tell you honestly, our experience with it was beyond average. Though that isn’t surprising at all given that it’s from Blue Diamond. As we all know, this brand has become one of the most trusted names here in Australia. They have grown from being a small supplier of generators to a leading firm offering complete power and industrial solutions. Their BDP6250 open frame generator, in fact, is just one of their most sought-after variants. Not only does it come with exceptional components, it brings an ergonomic and durable construction, too.

Power and performance

Whether for trade businesses or for home, the 2017 Blue Diamond BDP6250 can act as a reliable source of power. Weighing only 94kg, this 6.25KVA generator is packed with a high-quality 13hp motor and a 28L capacity fuel tank. They help produce 5000W of power at normal load and 5500W at peak. Additionally, it also brings an easy key start along with an electric as well as recoil starting system. Upon testing it, it was able to run for 8 hours straight without any noise or vibration.

Overall construction

The ergonomic design of the BDP6250 is what sets it apart from other portable generators on the market. To be exact, it has this open frame body that is made from heavy-duty steel for outstanding durability. It incorporates a double folding handle as well. This, together with the crane lifting point and the durable tyres and solid all terrain wheels, makes the medium-sized generator easier to carry and transport.

Furthermore, the BDP6250 is also simple to operate. Thanks to its nice interface and LED lights and E-stop, which was part of the new upgrade. Also standard in this Blue Diamond product is a digital meter, two 15amp waterproof outlets, and a 12-month no fuss warranty.

Blue Diamond BDP6250: Price

New: $900 AUD ($990 GST Inclusive) – Blue Diamond Machinery

Blue Diamond BDP6250: Videos

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Blue Diamond BDP6250: The Verdict

With the reliable Blue Diamond BDP6250, you can guarantee that you can keep your machines and appliances running in the event of a power outage. Because as you can see, this open frame portable generator comes with a host of exceptional features and components. Few of my favorites, though, are its dependable and proven motor and its high rate of output. Its ergonomic construction is a great advantage, too. I loved the fact that it is easy to transport and can withstand tough working conditions. Summing it all up, the BDP6250 is probably a good fit for your commercial business. Give it a try to find out for yourself. But based on its features and advantages, the chances of making a wrong investment is quite slim.

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