So you’ve set up your Machines4U ad—congrats! A quality ad is the first step to capturing quality leads and getting the sale… and there are a few important rules to ensure those leads start to come through.

(Psst… Need a hand setting up your ad? Check out our walkthrough here.)

We’ve come up with quick tips to help you to get the most from your ad and sell your kit.

Let’s start with getting good-quality leads.   

Quick Tips To Get Good Leads

When it comes to selling your machinery online, what you give is what you get. That is, the more details you provide, the more qualified your leads become (click here for a full rundown on how to get more leads from your ad).

So what details do you need?

Use The Best Contact Number

You’ve put all this effort into your ad, and the phone is starting to ring. Great! Except the calls aren’t coming to you… they’re being answered by your receptionist, who ends up taking their messages.

This is a missed opportunity! Those people are calling because they want to speak to you (or your sales team). So you want to use the number of the right person on your ad. Whoever is doing the selling, needs to be getting the calls.

Some other quick tips for listing the right phone number:

  • Where possible, use a direct mobile number (this makes your ad feel more authentic & builds trust with the buyer)
  • Refrain from using 1300 numbers (immediately the buyer is hesitant to make a phone call… They want to speak to you, not a robot)  
  • Make sure the person answering the calls actually picks up the phone

Too busy to get on the phone? Here’s how you can opt for email instead.

Add Your Location

It’s great that you can assist buyers all over Australia. However, listing your location as ‘Australia-wide’ is not helpful. Your buyer wants to know where you’re located so they can visit your showroom. Without a location, you’re missing out on potential walk-ins!

Add A Video

If you want more qualified leads who are ready to buy, you need to have video in your ad. Plain and simple:

The best part is, making a video is super easy. You don’t even have to use a proper camera. Grab your phone and film yourself or your salesman walking around the machine. Talk about the benefits and the drawbacks—be upfront. The more questions you answer in a video, the less questions you’ll get over the phone (which means a faster sale for you).

If you do this, you’ll see buyer engagement skyrocket, as well as an increase in lead quality.  

Getting the right leads is only part of the equation, let’s chat about how to handle them to get the sale.

Lead Types & How To Handle Them

Lead funnel & lead types

Not all Machines4U leads are made equal. There are different ways a lead will engage with your advert (i.e. how your buyers show interest/contact you) and each requires a different method to handle them. Generally, when you receive a lead you should:

  • Identify the lead type
  • Respond quickly (within 24 hours)
  • Provide relevant information and/or close the sale (depending on the lead type)

Let’s start from the top.

PDF Leads

When someone is at the top of the funnel (as pictured above), they’re not sure what machine they want or need yet. They’re doing a lot of research. People who download PDFs are classified as leads because they have opted to hand over their contact details to get it.

This is why PDF leads are so important, they give you a chance to be the first point of contact for these buyers. The more helpful you are now, the more likely they will come back to you later.

Handling PDF Leads

When a PDF lead comes through, that tells you the buyer is interested in learning more about your machine. But if they aren’t ready to buy yet, why contact them?

Contacting PDF leads gives you an opportunity to get in touch and ask questions like:

  • Did you receive the PDF OK? Was it helpful?
  • What are you looking to do? What’s the job you need machinery for?
  • Do you have any questions about the machine I can help with?

Use this as a way to build a relationship with the buyer, be helpful. Don’t try to sell the machine unless the buyer initiates that aspect of the conversation.

Learn more about handling PDF leads.

Email Leads

While we’ve pictured email leads in the middle of the funnel, they are often used through all stages of the funnel (even when customers are eager to buy). This makes email leads just as valuable as phone leads, so it’s important you check them often.

Handling Email Leads

It’s important to make sure you’re notified when an email lead hits your inbox. What’s even more important is how quickly you respond to email leads.

Generally, buyers will submit an average of 3 enquiries per session on our website, usually at night. So you can bet your bottom dollar that you’re not the only one to receive an enquiry.

If you want this lead, it’s a race against the clock. Call or email them back as soon as you can, even if it’s first thing in the morning. The later you leave it, the more likely you’ll lose the sale to your competitor.  

Learn more about handling email leads.

Phone Leads

Phone leads are your hottest leads, they’re most likely to buy! These are the ones you want to jump on as quickly as you can.

Handling Phone Leads

Just like Tonto, jump on it! If you’ve provided the correct phone number (as discussed at the beginning of this article), the right person should be getting all phone enquiries and handling them like a pro.

This includes:

  • Answering the phone (don’t let it go to voicemail!)
  • Give the buyer the information they need to make their decision
  • Value their time (not just yours)
  • Make the sale!
  • If a call is missed, call them back soon after (see below to know when you’ve missed a Machines4U enquiry call)

Learn more about handling phone leads.

Of course, if you have any questions we are always here to help. Check out our help centre, take a look at our knowledge base, or give us a call on 1300 092 545.

*Stats via Machines4U buyer data, accurate at time of publication.

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