Hornet 2.4KVA: Introduction

The portable generator market is easily one of the most active and most improved equipment markets during the last decade and a half. After all, as people become more reliant on the new breed of technology around them, the demand for energy (electricity, fuel, etc.) also inevitably increases. Thus, paving the way for compact and portable power-generating equipment like the subject of our review today: the Hornet 2.4KVA PureSine Inverter Portable Generator.

Hornet 2.4KVA: Features

Ergonomic design

The Hornet HRT2500i is a true lightweight generator, coming in with just 22-kilogramme gross weight and compact frame that’s easy to carry around outdoors. The controls are a little hard to press, but it’s very accessible and the generator requires very little supervision when active. It’s size, weight, and design also fits well with both commercial and household applications, where it’s likely needed during blackouts and other emergencies. Additionally, the unit should work well outdoors and off-road, where the user would probably need it to power up other equipment during recreational activities.

Efficient operation

The Hornet 2.4KVA  has about 20% larger fuel capacity than its competitors and also consumes 15% less fuel than other generators in its class. Meanwhile, the 2000W stable output gives steady backup power that’s needed for business operations. At 52 Db, the unit is certainly not the most silent among its bunch, though, it’s also far from causing noise interference. In fact, the HRT2500i boasts the same noise levels as other more expensive portable generators in its class.

Durable build

Hornet HRT2500i is just as reliable as any other portable gen-set in the market, not just because of its good fuel capacity, but also because of its excellent design that protects the unit from wear and tear. In addition, the generator also boasts of a continuous running time between 6-20 hours, which is about 40% longer than its competition.

Hornet 2.4KVA: Price

AUD$ 789.80 – Blue Diamond Machinery

Hornet 2.4KVA: Videos

No videos available.

Hornet 2.4KVA: Verdict

The Hornet 2.4KVA PureSine Inverter Portable Generator is a practical multipurpose solution for small businesses and households. Furthermore, the lightweight equipment should also perform well in outdoor activities where a compact and reliable power supply is needed for a limited time. The HRT2500i also functions quietly, much like what Hornet said about the product, though, it’s also not the most silent operator out there. Rounding up, the unit serves as a good and affordable option thanks to its great combination of size, capacity, design, and reasonable pricing.

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