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Lawn Mower Battle: Masport vs Victa

It’s the Bledisloe Cup for power machinery. Victa fly the flag for Australia while Masport wear the silver fern. The antipodes at war once more, but who takes the gold when it comes to push and ride on lawn mowers?

Brand loyalty is a powerful thing. Often generations of experience will determine the best brand of mower for the conditions that lay before it. This means trust and experience will rule a buyer’s decision; but sometimes this can be blinding. The range of mowers available on the contemporary marketplace are comprehensive, being offered as cordless, electronic, petrol, hand, ride on and zero turn mowers. So for whatever duty your mower will undertake, the work can be optimised by making the right purchase.

Both Victa and Masport are old dogs within the machinery industry. Victa have been around for over 50 years, even having their national service paid tribute at the Sydney Olympic Games. Masport have been around even longer, serving as a munition manufacturer in WWII before returning to their machinery roots shortly after. These two veterans go tit for tat to see who services the Australian market with the better mowers.

Best Push Mower Brand?

Range of Mowers

Masport offers five categories of push mower. These are the President Series (deluxe models), Contractor Series (commercial models), Silver Series (budget models), Other Petrol Series and the Hand & Electric Series. Within each category the push mowers are offered with different costs and specifications.

Victa push mower

Image Credit: www.victa.com

Victa however is not beaten on diversity, sorting their own mowers by Domestic (Residential Models), Professional (Multi-purpose commercial), Lithium and the Victa Pro series (high end single model). Within these series both companies are offering electric, battery and petrol powered push mowers.

Victa offers both two stroke and four stroke engines. Across their range the company offers a total of 33 different petrol push mowers (through their website), as well as 4 battery models, 14 professional models and one Victa Pro model. This makes for 52 total push mowers across their line.

Masport on the other hand offer 22 in their Silver Series, 19 in their President Series, 3 in their Contractor Series, 12 in their Other Petrol Models, one Hand model and one Electric model. Giving Masport a total of 58 different push mowers across their label.

When it comes to range Masport is hard to beat. Not only do they offer more push mowers than Victa, but they also have one hand model available, unlike their down under competitor. The Aussie staple does not go out without a fight however. Victa has an equal range of lithium powered mowers and a similar selection of high end and budget push mowers in it’s arsenal; making it hard to tell where the extra Masport models shine, and even harder to determine a clear winner.


Both companies primarily use Briggs & Stratton engines on their petrol models. However, Victa also use Honda Powered mowers in their Victa Pro series and Vanguard for their commercial series. Likewise, at the high end of Masport’s commercial range there is a Kawasaki engine model. As both companies are offering so many different mowers with unique specifications, the only way to measure performance may be to match two similarly priced mowers with the same cutting width capacity.

Victa’s 19″ Commando Mulch & Catch is a medium priced push mower from the brand’s Domestic Series. It does battle with Masport’s President 3000 ST S19 Combo. Both mowers purporting a 19″ cutting capacity, both carry the $599.99 price tag and both are mulch and catch multi-purpose mowers. So where do they differ?

The Victa model has a higher torque at 9.2NM, with Masport sitting at 8.5Nm. The cutting height for the Masport is lower though, and has more steps, with 11 steps covering 6-66 mm where as the Victa covers 15-72mm across 10. Victa and Masport both offer a 2 year warranty for the engine, both use plastic catchers and both weigh in at close to 30kg.

While the Victa is more powerful, the Masport offers a slightly (5mm) broader cutting height range, and is 3kg lighter than the Commando Mulch Catch. The difference in the end is narrow, with the Victa being slightly stronger but also being less precise. Ultimately, the better performing model will be the one bought for the desired application, meaning both models win and lose, depending on what you’re looking for.

Best Ride On Mower Brand


Masport specialty ride on

Image Credit: masport.com.au

The two companies both produce side and back catch model ride ons, as well as the more efficient zero turn ride ons. It seems like an immediate tie, like a Marquez-Pacquiao moment, but there’s a little more to it. Masport have also produced an entire range of specialty ride on mowers for more demanding conditions.

These little specialty mowers are like quad bikes with cutting blades clearing the grass beneath them as they glide across hills and muddy plains, making them a fun and versatile addition to any farm or large property (imagine the Mahindra XTV with a mower). Give this one to Masport, with their total of 19 ride on mowers available more than doubling Victa’s available range. However don’t overlook Victa, which once again offers unique specification models.


The performance battle must once again be settled by a skirmish between two of the company’s best warriors. Masport are represented by their G3800 38″ side catch ride on, while Victa send out their own 38″ side catch, the Victa VRX 14.5/38.

Both machines enter the ring with 38″ blades, single cylinder engines and weigh very close to 160kgs. The Victa however is once again the more powerful of the two, with forward traveling speeds of 9.7kph compared to the G3800’s 8kph, a smaller turning radius (42cm compared to 46cm) and a 14.5hp engine where the Masport ride on’s is closer to 10.

The G3800 does however list an excellent cutting range that extends from 29-92mm in height. This is a little narrower in range, however more precise than the Victa’s 2.5-8in cutting height. The judges

once again favor the Victa as the more powerful, less precise machine. The performance outcome will then be better decided by the individually. It’s all in the eye of the beholder.

Consumer Response

In the spectrum of each brand’s reception unto the Internet, there are mixed responses. Look hard enough and you’ll find the Victa or Masport warriors who cherish the brands no matter any flaw their machines may have. Just as these supporters voice their opinions in machine forums, so do the trolls and disgruntled users, who occasionally have genuine complaints, and just as often, unfounded insults.

The point is, take these comments with a grain of salt. Canstarblue, the website that compares hundreds of consumer ratings and reviews for a range of products has listed Victa as the second best lawn mower company within Australia, losing only by two stars (of a possible 30) to Masport.


When probing for the best lawn mower prices, there are a few similarities between Victa and Masport. Remembering the two push mowers in the ring were almost exactly identical, and both offered at the same price. However as Masport has a wider range that includes hand and compact mowers however, they will have cheaper and simpler models for sale. The two ride on mowers in comparison are a different story, with the Victa model coming in almost $500 cheaper for relatively similar specs.


So you’ve made it this far, now you’re probably wondering which lawn mower should I buy? Well sorry to disappoint, but there is just no way to simply say one brand has surpassed the other. It is a draw or an absolute domination, depending on what you are looking for in a lawn mower. Each brand has engineered their mower attention paid to different performance specs. Meaning choosing a winner would be like choosing between McGregor or Mayweather, they’re just from two different disciplines and both champions in their own field.

Outdoor Power Equipment Battle: Masport vs Victa
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Outdoor Power Equipment Battle: Masport vs Victa
Both Victa and Masport have made machinery since the 20th century, both hail from the antipodes, both are market powerhouses. So who does the better mowers?
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