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The Olympus Loaders Origin Story

The Olympus Loaders Origin Story

Presented by Olympus Loaders

Simon Collins is the founder of one of Brisbane’s leading wheel loader and machinery suppliers, Olympus Loaders. 

Based throughout Queensland, New South Wales and South Australia, Olympus Loaders delivers quality, power and performance to construction companies, farmers, civil workers and earthmoving enthusiasts. With 30 years’ experience and 4 years established under the Olympus Loaders name, plenty of companies large and small have come to Olympus for expert quality, unbeatable prices and top-class after-sales service. 

Here’s how their story began:

How Olympus Loaders Began

Simon Collins Founder of Olympus Loaders. Source: Supplied.

“I’m Simon Collins, founder of Olympus Loaders Pty Ltd. Born and raised among the Queensland farming, mining and construction lifestyle; my real passion for earthmoving machinery began as early as I can remember.

“I’ve always valued the community that comes with the farm and construction lifestyle, and this is something I aspired to base Olympus Loaders on. It’s a mission of mine to provide REAL advice, quality machines and honest communication with every one of our clients. I’m all about creating community.

“Before paving my way into Olympus Loaders, my hands-on experience began in my family company, working closely in earthmoving, wheel loader and excavator sales for over 25 years. It was there that I found supplying wheel loaders to farmers and construction companies, and forging that Aussie community, was something I ought to do more of, independently. This inspired me to break free and create a company that promises power, performance, reliability and quality all in one.

“We’re big on giving personal service to our clients and community, with frequent sponsorship’s, giveaways and gestures that make a difference,” says Simon.

What does the future hold for Olympus Loaders?

“The Olympus Loaders team and I are working hard to expand the range of Farm Master and Construction Series wheel loaders, tractors and telehandlers to give a greater range of power and usability for a broader range of customers. In the meantime, we’re busy visiting locations across Queensland, NSW and South Australia for various trade shows to get among the local communities. AgQuip Field Days in Gunnedah, NSW is coming up on the 16th – 18th of August, where we will be offering some awesome trade show deals,” Simon says.

7 Benefits You Can Experience with Olympus Loaders

  1. Exclusive Warranties – Olympus Loaders can offer a 3/5 year frame and engine warranty with options of an additional 2 Year Factory Engine Warranty (Cummins) on select machines, and 18 Months Parts Warranty where available. 
  2. 30 Years of Experience You’ll always receive top-quality service and advice backed by Olympus Loaders 30 years’ experience and wealth of knowledge in all things Loaders, Earthmoving Machinery and Equipment.
  3. Auto Lube Systems – Auto lube systems are standard on all models to give customers the best of the best.
  4. Expert Service – The Olympus Loaders team is motivated to help you find the right machine to suit your needs and budget to maximise your return on investment. 
  5. Loaders Assembled in Australia With Superior Quality Control Olympus Loaders go the extra mile to ensure premium quality control across their entire range of wheel loaders, tractors, telehandlers and mini loaders. Their machines are assembled in Australia with expert precision and quality control.
  6. Partners Australia-Wide – Olympus Loaders has a range of partners situated across Queensland, NSW and South Australia, and a head office in Loganholme, Brisbane.
  7. Large Range of Wheel Loaders, Tractors, Mini Loaders and Telehandlers – The Olympus Loaders team have a superior range of machinery.

What Olympus Loaders Customers Say 

Customers with their new Olympus Loaders machine
Happy customers with their new machine. Source: Supplied.

Read some reviews from customers and members of the Olympus Loaders family. You know what they say, “the proof is in the pudding”!

“Great straight-to-the-point sales. Olympus Loaders great equipment at a fair price. Plus they gave me free extras. Because “they thought I could use them” And I have…Thanks” – Feature Gardens Australia Architectural Plants, Brisbane, QLD

“Excellent bunch of guys who take the time to do the job right and know how to use a phone to keep you updated on progress.” – Melissa Walker, SA

“We’ve been searching high and low for a company that really gets our needs as local farmers. Simon has been a massive help in getting us exactly what we want.” – Cameron Stanley, NSW

“Simon’s been in the game a long time and knows his stuff. Great customer service” – Tash MacDonald, Brisbane, QLD

Man with his new Olympus Loaders machine. Source: Supplied.

There’s No Substitute For Quality

Right now, Olympus Loaders are offering BRAND NEW 2022 Wheel Loaders, Mini Loaders, Tractors and Telehandlers with prices starting at $55,000*. 

For more information about Olympus Loaders and their range visit their website: www.olympusloaders.com.au.

*All prices are accurate at the time of writing. For specific price information, contact seller directly.

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