Since its inception 10 years ago, DVS Kitchens has been growing at a steady pace. Danny Soklevski grew the business from a small premises in the Melbourne suburb of Campbellfield to a purpose built factory in Craigieburn. Each year has seen double digit growth and expansion.

But with growing comes growing pains. Like many small cabinet making businesses, Danny knew that to take his business to the next level meant working smarter, not harder.

Danny’s initial investigations proved that an easy to use nesting machine, with simple software to drive it, was the solution for DVS Kitchens.

After looking at all the options available to him, Danny decided the best machine for him was the SCM Pratika 310, supplied and serviced by SCM Group Australia.

Machine & Software - All Included
“We’ve had an SCM edgebander for years and it has served us well, so we we’re well aware of the SCM brand and SCM Group Australia”, said Danny. “After looking at what was available we decided the SCM Pratika 310 was the best machine available to us."

"Another positive was that all our machinery and software could be serviced by the one company”.

More Jobs – Faster!
One of the main areas of improvement provided by the SCM Pratika 310 was the time taken for each job.

Interestingly, the time savings were not only experienced in the factory, but also in the office. Preparation of cutting lists, designing time and inventory control were all reduced significantly.

The second flow on effect was the increased levels of accuracy. Each machined piece was the right size every time – resulting in a significant saving in assembly times.

Danny estimates that production output has doubled since the Pratika 310 was installed – without any change to the number of employees.

Compact & Safe
The SCM Pratika 310 offers a lot in compact footprint. A unique protection system positioned directly on the machining head allows the operator to work closely to the machine in complete safety. This system eliminates the space required for other safety methods such as fences and laser curtains. The nesting bed can comfortably machine a 2400 x 1200 sheet and has drills in both Y & X directions for added efficiency.

Xcab Nesting Software
Xcab Nesting Software holds a cabinet library which can be easily manipulated. Entire cabinets or individual components can be simply adjusted to suit individual jobs and the changes can be saved if required to use at a later stage. Cabinets can then be selected, a cutting list is automatically created, and the job is optimised on sheets and then sent to the machine to be routed. Xcab is even capable of grain direction and grain match machining for jobs that have grain patterned laminate. The Xcab cabinet library software also assists with job costing and material ordering.

“It has been money well spent”, says Danny. “The time I save using Xcab allows me more time to work on the business, rather than in the business”.

Increasing Demand
DVS Kitchens has experienced an unexpected advantage after improving the manufacturing systems in their factory. The increased capacity led to increased demand – their clients are now approaching them with larger, more detailed jobs – because they know the end product will be on time and built to a high quality.

“The SCM Pratika has given DVS Kitchens the ability to meet the demands of our customers,” says Danny. “The investment has meant that DVS Kitchens can commit to larger projects and deliver on time and be competitive on price”

Learn more about the Pratika 310, the full range of SCM Nesting Machines and Xcab Software. Contact SCM Group Australia for more information on getting the most out of your workshop.