Made with over 200 different types of wood, Luciano Molinari’s 500 Kube artwork is a project of passion. “For the last twenty years, I have been collecting all the wood I can find,” explains Molinari, “and I use it to express whatever I like. I have always worked with wood.” A 1969 Fiat 500 L completely covered with blocks of wood, Molinari created the artwork using traditional MiniMax and SCM machines.

Made from several thousand pieces of recycled wood, the artwork emphasises the value of reclaimed wood and its unique ability to be used again and again to create something new.

As a well known Italian designer, Molinari has transformed his genuine passion for wood into an expressive art form with the theme of giving new life and meaning to icons of Italian style. In line with this theme, another of his designs, a 1963 Vespa 50 now greets visitors at the SCM Group showroom in Rimini, Italy.