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Barnstead Heating Mantle

Heating Plate

Corning Hot Plate
Not Specified Laboratory Hot Plate

Lab Shaker

Stuart Flask Shaker
Stuart Flask Shaker
Flask Shaker Kuhner Shaker Type LS-W

Lab Still

Ika Lab Still
Not Specified Still

Lab Stirrer

Flamingo *NEW* Lab/Drum Stirrers

Laboratory Dishwasher

Not Specified Dishwasher
Miele G7735CD

Laboratory Fluid Bed

Aeromatic Laboratory Fluid Bed

Laboratory Fridge

Albany Refrigerator
Lindner & May Lindner and May LMCSR

Laboratory Incubator

Thermolyne Dri Bath
Labmaster Incubator
Qualtex Incubator

Laboratory Kneader

Janke & Kunkel Laboratory Kneader

Laboratory Mixer

Hosokawa Laboratory Nauta Mixer
Tokushu Kika Agi Homo Mixer
Not Specified Laboratory Sigma Mixer

Laboratory Oven

Labec Laboratory Oven
Memmert BM200 Laboratory Incubator Oven
Qualtex Watson Victor 71 Oven

Laboratory Spray Dryer

Bowen Spray Dryer

Laminar Flow Cabinet

Not Specified Standardised Protection 1750mm L x 450mm W x 550

Light Source


Liquid Flow Meter

Tuthill Lube Oil Meter
Actaris RML2000 Flowmeter for Bobtails
Tuthill TS Series Meters

Magnetic Stirrer

Not Specified Hot Plate Magnetic Stirrer
Not Specified Magnetic Hot Plate Stirrer
Ika Magnetic Stirrer

Melting Point Apparatus

Fry -techno LTD Fat Melter

Milling Or Grinding

Vrieco - NAUTA Conical Convective Mixer


Brookfield Rheometer

Rotary Evaporator

Iopak 500 EC - Dimple plated Jacketed Evaporator
Saurin Falling Film Evaporator
Stainless Steel Condenser


Thermo Spectronic

Tablet Disintegrator

Yu Chi Machinery Mild Steel

Tablet Thicnkess Tester

Mitutoyo Tablet Thicnkess Tester

Tensile Tester

Ametek Tensile Tester

Torque Tester

Idm Co-efficient friction tester

UV Light Source

Camag UV Light Source


Brookfield Viscometer
If you are looking for specific Laboratory Equipment dealers or brands, look through our dealer directory to locate suppliers by machinery type and location. Our vision is to be Australia and New Zealand's best place to buy Laboratory Equipment by providing a great user experience with the best and most modern new and used machinery classified sales system available. Huge selection of Laboratory Equipment products from different Australian and worldwide Laboratory Equipment manufacturers and Laboratory Equipment suppliers are listed above. Our Laboratory Equipment classifieds are divided in 28 subcategories to make our search easier and navigation friendlier. Please select an appropriate category to perform your search faster and more accurately. You can also choose to use our advanced search menu.
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