Programmable Logic Controller
New | $990
BT RRM16 Reach Forklift Forklift
BT RRM16 Reach Forklift Forklift
High Reach Forklift
Used | $7,700
BT  Reach Forklift Forklift
BT Reach Forklift Forklift
High Reach Forklift
Used | $6,250
Air Receiver Tank - 110 Litre
Peerless Air Receiver Tank - 110 Litre
Air Receivers
New | POA
Air Receiver Tank - 150 Litre
Peerless Air Receiver Tank - 150 Litre
Air Receivers
New | POA
Air Receiver Tank -190 Litre
Peerless Air Receiver Tank -190 Litre
Air Receivers
New | POA
Air Receiver Tank - 295 Litre
Peerless Air Receiver Tank - 295 Litre
Air Receivers
New | POA
200PSI Pressure Gauge
Peerless 200PSI Pressure Gauge
Pressure Gauges
New | POA
45ft Maxitrans Flat Bed Semi Trailer
45ft Maxitrans Flat Bed Semi Trailer
Flat Top Trailer
Used | $22,900
Bomar Roller Conveyor
Roller Conveyor
New | $2,085
Vibrating Screen
Used | $22,000
Crawler Dozer
Used | $90,200
Zhongrui 300T x 4000 NC Pressbrake & 16mm x 4000 Guillotine
Press Brake & Guillotine Combination
New | $116,000
Zhongrui 250T x 4000 NC Pressbrake & 12mm x 4000 Guillotine
Press Brake & Guillotine Combination
New | $97,500
KUNDIG Paint & Lacquer sander
Wide belt/ Drum Sanders
New | $77,000 - $286,000 AUD
Zhongrui 200T x 4000 NC Pressbrake & 10mm x 4000 Guillotine
Press Brake & Guillotine Combination
New | $85,500
Zhongrui 200T x 3200 NC Pressbrake & 10mm x 3200 Guillotine
Press Brake & Guillotine Combination
New | $79,000
Zhongrui 160T x 4000 NC Pressbrake & 8mm x 4000 Guillotine
Press Brake & Guillotine Combination
New | $76,500
Zhongrui 160T x 3200 NC Pressbrake & 8mm x 3200 Guillotine
Press Brake & Guillotine Combination
New | $64,500
Zhongrui 125T x 4000 NC Pressbrake & 6mm x 4000 Guillotine
Press Brake & Guillotine Combination
New | $61,500
Zhongrui 125T x 3200 NC Pressbrake & 6mm x 3200 Guillotine
Press Brake & Guillotine Combination
New | $50,000
Zhongrui 100T x 4000 NC Pressbrake & 6mm x 4000 Guillotine
Press Brake & Guillotine Combination
New | $51,000
Zhongrui 100T x 3200 NC Pressbrake & 6mm x 3200 Guillotine
Press Brake & Guillotine Combination
New | $46,500
Zhongrui 80T x 4000 NC Pressbrake and 4mm x 4000 Guillotine
Press Brake & Guillotine Combination
New | $44,500
Zhongrui 80T x 3200 NC Pressbrake and 4mm x 3200 Guillotine
Press Brake & Guillotine Combination
New | $40,500
New Ozziquip Tiger Micro Excavator Gold Coast
0-7 Tonne Excavator
New | $13,900
Production Products PLASMA PRO 2 Model 510 Duct Cutting System
Accessory Machines & Hand Tools
New | POA
Starrett BP-450 Band Saw Blade 6TPI
Band Saw Blades
New | $22

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REDUCE YOUR COST OF STRAIGHT DUCT PRODUCTION EVEN FURTHER NEWS BULLETIN: DUCT MANUFACTURERS Coil Line Coil Line Coil Line Coil Line Engel Europa Fabri-Flange Automatic Duct Flanging & Folding Machine Do you have a duct starter coil line? .....
NEW DENER PRESS BRAKES NOW AVAILABLE FROM CMT ARRIVING SOON….. DENER CNC PRESS BRAKES The latest in high quality, high value press brakes from Europe. European press brake manufacturers are regarded as leaders in their field combining technology, performance, build quality as well as ergonomics & energy efficient design.
NEW CMT-JFY CNC PRESS BRAKES......PERFORMANCE.....QUALITY......VALUE Complete Machine Tools announces the arrival of the CMT-JFY HPR range of press brakes manufactured in a joint venture 78% owned by Trumpf of Germany. In a move set to shake up the Australian press brake market Complete Machine Tools is now offering the new CMT-JFY - HPR machines in 100T x 3.
Pittsburgh Super Speed...... Three Times Faster! Technology has produced some impressive gains in duct production in recent years but the old Pittsburgh machine has missed the bus! It's the big hold up in virtually every duct shop in the country. Well not any more........ The Flagler Super Speed Model 20 Pittsburgh makes your pittsburghs at 75fpm.
BIG SAVINGS TO BE MADE RIGHT NOW! Recent events in the UK have seen the exchange rate between the British pound and the Australian dollar change dramatically. Complete Machine Tools can now offer Engel Europa duct manufacturing machinery at substantial discounts compared to just a few months ago.
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