What are the General Machines4u Listing rules?

Our mission is to make buying and selling of machinery and equipment as easy, stress free and friendly as possible for everyone.  To protect our users and community listings that compromise this mission, those that fall outside our posting rules or our Terms of use may be removed from the site.

As a condition of use of Machines4u you agree that you are at least 18 years old.

You are solely responsible for all information that you submit to Machines4u and any consequences that may result from your listing. We reserve the right at our discretion to refuse or delete content that we believe is inappropriate or breaching our Terms of Use. We also reserve the right at our discretion to restrict a user’s usage of the site either temporarily or permanently, or refuse a user’s registration.

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Listings may be deleted for one or more of the following reasons:

  1. Positive Business Policy: We do not accept discrimination on race/religion/ nationality/gender/etc or being dishonest or manipulative in any way. If you are not going to behave in an honest, respectful and positive manner Machines4u reserves the right to restrict, delete or remove your listings or membership to protect our community.
  2. Machines4u reserves the right to remove any listing that we feel is not relevant, or of value to our users or community at large, with or without notice to the listing poster.
  3. The listing breaches general Machines4u listing policies
  4. Breaches of Australian law. As a condition of your use of Machines4u specified under our Terms of Use, you agree that you will not violate any laws. It is the responsibility of the advertiser before listing on Machines4u to ensure that content advertised adheres to Machines4u listing policies as well as applicable Australian laws.
  5. Listings with information or wording Machines4u believes is designed to manipulate search results
  6. The listing is a duplicate of another listing previously posted and is not deemed substantially different by Machines4u
  7. Posted under the wrong category, it is the advertiser’s responsibility to choose the most relevant category for listings.  Repeated posting to incorrect categories may result in membership suspension.
  8. Foreign Language adverts. We only accept ads in English.
  9. Ads posted from outside Australia: No overseas ads are accepted, Machines4u is for Australian based buyers and sellers.
  10. External links: No external website links are allowed within your listings
  11. Not descriptive enough: Ads that do not provide enough detail will be suspended or removed as this makes for a bad user experience
  12. Inappropriate language
  13. Inappropriate or irrelevant photo/image or contact details within photos, images or videos.
  14. Listing Multiple different items in a single advert.  Adverts for multiples of the same item are recommended using the “quantity” field.  Differing items must be listed in different individual listings.
  15. Misleading or incorrect pricing on listings.
  16. is a marketplace, all listings must be for a single specific item or service that can be purchased. A listing that is general in nature about a business or lists a range of products or multiple products for sale separately in a single listing is not accepted. As a rule of thumb, each of your listings should contain a single item or service for purchase.

There are several ways that your listing may be found to be in breach of Machines4u policy and removed from the site including:

  1. Your listing has been reported to us by a fellow user:
    When reported by another user your listing may be suspended until we review it.  We check reported ads in a timely manner. If we decide that the listing hasn’t broken any Posting Policies or Terms of Use we will activate the listing again promptly.
  2. Your listing has been flagged by our automated moderation tools:
    Our automated moderation tools remove listings they find inappropriate or break our Posting Policies or Terms of Use will be removed from the site.  If your listing has triggered one of these moderation tools you will need to log in and revise it.

You may wish to add Machines4u to your safe senders list if you have one, or any important email leads or messages from us may end up in your junk folder.

In most cases we will email you to let you know if there is an issue with your listings.

If you have checked out all the possibilities above and none of them apply to your listing then please contact us and we’ll be happy to help you out.

Posting duplicate Listings:

There are no limits on how many listings users can post on Machines4u, however when duplicate listings produce a negative impact on the site or user experience we may ask the advertiser to change their behaviour.  In some categories free listing numbers may be limited or require a listing fee.

We ask that you don’t post duplicate listings on Machines4u:

  • All Listings must be substantially different from each other. Please do not post the same Ad over and over again across categories or locations, they will be removed and it wastes everyones time.
  • If you have multiple of the same item in stock use the “Quantity” option to list how many on a single advert.
  • If you have a range of equipment with only a few minor variances place a single advert featuring the range and minor differences in the description.  Placing these adverts individually will cause them to be ignored by search engines as duplicate content as they’re not “Substantially different” and will result in you getting fewer sales leads.
  • Only post the listings where you are physically located
  • If you post in locations where the equipment is not located your  listings may be removed.
  • Users deemed to be “spamming” by machines4u may have a limit enforced on their number of listings or be removed from the site entirely.
  • Individuals that creature multiple users to duplicate content will also have enforced limits added or duplicate memberships deleted.

These restrictions are in place to stop individuals from “spamming” the site with duplicate content and provide a better experience for all businesses and individuals on Machines4u.

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What are Machines4u’s copyright policies?

An amazing number of different products and services are offered for sale on Machines4u. Copyright, trademark, and other intellectual property rights owners can request the removal of any listing or content which may infringe on their IP rights. If a legal representative of a rights owner reports an infringement of their rights to Machines4u in the correct manner, listings infringing intellectual property rights will be removed in a timely manner.


To report an infringement please follow the steps below:

  1. Download & Complete the Notice of IP infringement form, complete it and fax it to Machines4u. Complete this form with an authorised signatory to report advertisements which may infringe on your property rights. The information requested in this Form ensures that the person reporting the listing or item are either the rights owner or their officially authorised representative. The information provided also enables Machines4u to correctly identify the listings or content to be removed.
  2. Once we have received your correctly completed Notice of IP infringement form, you can simply send any later reports to Machines4u via the e-mail address provided.

This form can only be used by the lawful owners of the intellectual property rights or their legal representatives. ‘Notice of IP infringement’ is intended to ensure that listings and content posted on Machines4u do not infringe the copyright, trademark right or other intellectual property rights of third parties.

As always it is the user’s responsibility to ensure that, before posting a listing on Machines4u, they comply with Machines4u’s Posting Policies as well as the law. As a condition of your use of Machines4u you agree that you will not violate any laws (as set out in our Terms of Use).

There are 3 sections images can be uploaded to

These image guidelines define what will be accepted in each situation

Click here to see our our Advertising Rules

Listing Images:

Multiple detailed photos of the actual item in the listing showing the major features of the item for buyers.
.jpg & .png format, under 4mb per image.

Acceptable:  Stock images of an identical item that you have the rights to distribute

Duplicated Images from other listings
Images that you do not hold the rights to use or distribute
Images not of the listed item.
Images featuring pricing excessive text
Company Logos or premises photos.
Images not directly relevant to the listed item.
Contact details in images
Animated .gif files
Image resolutions smaller than 640×480 pixels


Company Directory Images:

Must be .jpg or .png logo images with a preferred resolution 640×480 or greater and feature the company logo or name only.  No contact details or web addresses can be accepted.

Profile Images:

Profile images are optimised to appear as a portrait headshot.  Uploading logos or other images will appear warped & cropped.  Profile images must be of the user in the profile.

Uploading of any offensive images or repeatedly uploading images that are not accepted may result in an account being removed or listings suspended to protect the buyers and sellers on Machines4u and maintain the quality of the marketplace.

Who Can buy Uprades & Extra’s?

Upgrades and extras on listings are available to any advertiser on the site, however some types are restricted by membership level.  Check the Machines4u Membership page for complete info.

How are upgrades priced?

There is no fixed pricing system for upgrades and extras.  Pricing is determined by the type of item being listed and the current demand in the category of the listing.  Pricing may vary up and down at different times of year depending on demand in an industry or market sector.

The intent is to provide the best upgrades for the most exposure available for the best market price possible at all times no matter what you are listing.  To save money on upgrades and extras add credit to your account.

A guide to Extras and Upgrades:


Does stock or sell equipment?

No. is a marketplace for people and business to buy and sell machinery across Australia.  We are not involved in the actual sales process, that is done privately between the buyer and seller directly.

What Are your Advertising Rules?

Click here to see our Advertising Rules



How much does it cost to list items?

Listing an item or two is always free, and you can upgrade listings any time to increase their exposure to buyers.  Acting as a commercial dealer without the limitations of free listings requires upgrading to a membership plan that gives you many great benefits to help your business.


Why do I have to log in to contact private sellers?

To protect the privacy and security of the Machines4u community and combat scammers you are now required to register to contact private sellers.  To Register does not cost you anything.

Alternatively you can still contact via the email form on the advert.


I’ve forgotten my password, how do I reset it?

Resetting your password is easy, you can do it online anytime.  Just follow the simple steps here:

1. Click the blue “Forgot password” link on the login page

2. Enter the email address you use to log into  eg & hit the orange “email me” button

3. Check your email now, you’ll find an email like the one shown below, it may take minute or so to arrive.  Make sure to check your spam folder if you can’t find it.  If  you don’t get the email please contact our customer service team.

4. Click on the link and you will be taken to the New Password screen.  Enter your new password twice to make sure it is accurate and click the “Save Password” button.

Make sure your password is at least 8 digits long & contains both letters & numbers or the system will not accept it.

5.  Congrats, your password is now reset and you’re already logged in.  Click the Machines4u logo to go straight to the home page.

Can I add the same video about my company to all my listings?

Yes, simply upload the video one time to your Dealer Directory page and it will be accessible from all your listings.  It will not take the place of the item video which is a separate feature.  Do not attempt to load the same video to each listing, it will just consume your time uploading it and it will be automatically rejected by the video management system.

Please ensure you are using a high speed internet connection when uploading videos as slow internet connections often result in problems uploading video.

How does the Extra’s Credit System work?

Is Extra’s Credit transferrable between user accounts?

Extra’s Credit is Non-transferrable and is only available for use by the original account user.

What payment options does accept? accepts 3 types of payment options for Membership & Extra’s Products.

  1. Credit Card
  2. Paypal
  3. EFT/Direct Deposits for payments over $10,000 AUD (may cause delays in provisioning products until cleared)

Can I have multiple users add 20 free listings for the same company?

No, there is a maximum of 20 ads per company.  If you wish to have more adverts, please talk to one of our friendly staff members on 1300 092 545.

Hoax messages, also known as scams or phishing, can come in all shapes and sizes.

Have you received an email out of the blue asking you to ‘confirm’ your payment details or threatening your account may be suspended? Fraudsters often target major websites  with phishing emails in an attempt to harvest your login email and passwords and compromise your accounts and personal information.


Check the address exactly, scammers will often build fake pages that look identical but only have a single letter of the domain name extra or missing

example scam domain:
note the missing “c” in the domain and the fact it’s not an australian

What you need to do if you receive a hoax message

Delete the email or SMS immediately

Please contact the Machines4u helpdesk immediately if you have:

  1. Clicked on any links or downloaded any attachments
  2. Responded to the hoax email, SMS or phone call with your login or card details
  3. Noticed any unusual payments to

Here is an example of a scam email