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Randalls Equipment Company Distributors for Risutec

Randalls Equipment Company Distributors for Risutec

Presented by Randalls Equipment Company

Randalls Equipment Company has been manufacturing and distributing forestry equipment and attachments since 1968 when Ken Randall migrated to Australia. The company began with Ken designing and fabricating excavator buckets from a small shed in suburban Melbourne, and quickly grew to hold a reputation that saw the business supplying buckets to equipment manufacturers like Caterpillar.

As time went on, Randalls Equipment Company manufactured Australia’s first and only Forwarder named the “Forager”. Since then, Randalls has been involved in the Forestry business and are recognised as the industry experts in Australia.

Distributors of Major Brands

In 2012, Randalls become distributors for a range of major brands including: PONSSE forwarders and harvesters, SP MASKINER harvesting heads, SANY excavators, CLARK tracks, DUXSON attachments and INDEXATOR rotators.

Risutec in Australia

The latest addition to Randalls range is Risutec from Finland. Risutec’s range aims to reduce planting costs, expand establishments and extend the planting season. Their equipment is geared toward maximal productivity and reforestation projects.

Risuc ASP-720. Source: risutec.fi

Pitting for Deep Rooted Trees

The Risutec uses a pitting soil cultivator that crushes the soil without cutting it. The pitting head will loosen the soil avoiding glazing under normal conditions.

In optimal soil conditions, only a quarter rotation is needed for soil cultivation—speeding up operations further. Operators can use the pitting bars to remove slash and harvesting residue. The pitting attachment has an approximate cracking depth of 60cm with an 80cm diameter.

This planting technology offers many benefits for replanting, including extending the planting day (by operating at night under lights) and planting season (with the option of irrigation), spot site preparation, and GPS navigation and tagging of tree planting locations.

Randalls are proud to release the Risutec range to Australia with extremely positive trials being conducted in 2020 by the Forestry Corporation of NSW—demonstrating next level efficiency in reforestation projects.

Randalls stocks an impressive range of industry specific brands including Ponsse, Sany, Clark Tracks and Indexator, as well as manufacture custom grabs to suit specific needs.

These brands helped to propel the business forward and have led to the opening of additional branches in Western Australia, South Australia and Tasmania along with the appointment of Service Agents in Queensland, New South Wales, Tasmania and New Zealand.

For forestry equipment and expert advice you can’t go past Randalls Equipment Company. Visit their website to view the entire range.

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