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Review: 1999 Daihatsu DELTA Tipper Truck

Review: 1999 Daihatsu DELTA Tipper Truck

Daihatsu DELTA Tipper Truck: The Introduction

Light-duty rigid trucks can be the perfect solution to your money-making endeavor’s delivery needs. Aside from the fact that they are compact in style, they are also budget-friendly, ready to work, and can be operated using only your standard car license. Today, continuing my mission to help you find the best lightweight rig that can be a great addition to your growing logistics or construction biz, I will be breaking down the many features of the DELTA tipper truck made by the oldest Japanese manufacturer, Daihatsu. Let’s see if this can meet your expectations and requirements.

Daihatsu DELTA Tipper Truck: Key Features

Superior power

When it comes to any light hauling job, you can rely on the Daihatsu DELTA. That’s because along with its 5-speed manual transmission and diesel engine, which promises to deliver enhanced fuel economy and lower noise, it is also armed with a spring suspension designed to give you a smoother ride. It will provide you with high levels of comfort with or without a load and will offer unmatched road-holding performance to protect all of your carried materials.

The tipper truck incorporates an extra-strong standard cab chassis, too. Its box frame is welded and built tough to prevent twisting during quick turns and stops.

Sturdy and spacious cargo bed

With a flat cargo bed measuring 3100 mm in length and 2040 mm in width, you can say that the DELTA is roomy enough to carry all your consumer goods and light construction materials, like wood, steel, pipes, and sand. It is equipped with a rugged swing tailgate and drops sides as well, with easy-to-use hinges, for easy unloading of gravel or medium-sized rocks. The tipper’s lowering speed is safe and reliable, too, as you can automatically control it for a better and quicker dispatching operation.

Guaranteed driver comfort

Ask any driver/owner and they will say that comfort is truly essential when operating a truck. Good thing, the Daihatsu DELTA comes with multiple features that deliver maximum comfort and easy driving. One of these is the cozy seats with back supports and plenty of leg room to help you relax on long and overnight deliveries. Power steering is added as well, enabling you to maneuver the rig with less effort.

DELTA’s spacious interior is also nicely designed. All the meters and indicators are built big and bright and were logically placed in a way that they can be quickly noticed. A wide windscreen and clear windows are fitted, too, for superb visibility and minimized blind spots. To complete the picture, there are a couple of multimedia systems as well to keep the driver and his passengers entertained.

Safe and reliable

Safety is also considered a vital thing. And given that, apart from incorporating the standard air bags and seat belts, Daihatsu as well made sure that DELTA’s body is designed tough to lessen the possible operator and pedestrian injuries when involved in any type of accident or collision.

Daihatsu DELTA Tipper Truck: Price

Used: $9,082 AUD

Daihatsu DELTA Tipper Truck: Videos

No videos available.

Daihatsu DELTA Tipper Truck: The Verdict

Though an old model, the Daihatsu DELTA can still be a great inclusion to your start-up or growing money-making endeavor. Its spacious cargo bed and top-notch performance, I believe, is the right answer to your needs. You can make use of it to transport construction materials and consumer goods, including furniture and light machinery, to a long distance destination safely and on time. Plus, it is much more affordable, too. For just a couple of thousand dollars or so, you can already have a rugged and reliable delivery truck of your own. A good investment, indeed.

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