• September 14, 2020
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4 Big Reasons the NEW 2.5T Vulcan Forklift is a Great Addition to Any Fleet

4 Big Reasons the NEW 2.5T Vulcan Forklift is a Great Addition to Any Fleet

Presented by MLA Holdings

MLA Holdings PTY LTD has launched a new 2.5T container forklift truck that promises to deliver high efficiency, durability and comfort, without the high price tag. The 2.5T Vulcan is a value-based model manufactured to complement MLA’s range of premium Mitsubishi and Nichiyu products; ideal for customers who are looking for a reliable all-rounder forklift that holds its own, without the need for additional bells and whistles.

Machines4U spoke to MLA’s Managing Director, Matt Saunders, and National Sales Manager, Steve Kent, to get the best idea of what this new forklift has to offer, and why they’ve added the 2.5T to their already high-profile product fleet.

“Commerciality was the driving force to get this forklift onto the market. There’s a growing market out there that previously our Mitsubishi range simply couldn’t cover,” says Steve.

“The MLA Vulcan 2.5T forklift truck is suited to customers who aren’t necessarily looking for those premium features that our iconic Mitsubishi brand would bring,” adds Matt. 

The new MLA Vulcan 2.5T forklift truck holds its own amongst some high competition in the market. So, here are 4 big reasons to check out this latest forklift truck from MLA.

1. Budget-Friendly Price

2.5T Vulcan Forklift Truck in Use
Source: Supplied.

The new MLA Vulcan 2.5T punches above its weight in terms of specs and inclusions for its price point. Its introductory price of $24,990* +GST makes this forklift truck extremely accessible to many buyers in the market looking for a reliable forklift from an established supplier. Ideal for those who like the idea of a low initial price paired with reduced running costs.

Better yet, a further promotional discount of $1,000 applies to the advertised introductory price, simply by mentioning this article when placing your order (this offer is available until 31/10/2020).

“It’s cost-effective. It is value for money,” says Matt, “5-10 years ago there was quite a large customer segment where they were seeking good-quality second-hand products. This particular product fills that space. It’s attractive to those looking for value without compromising performance and efficiency. This value is enhanced with a 36-month factory backed warranty.”

2. Built to Aussie Standards

2.5T Vulcan Forklift Truck
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The MLA Vulcan 2.5T is 2 years in the making, and 12 months of that process was finding the right importer to ensure this product is built to Australian standards for industrial trucks (AS2359.1:2015). 

“There are up to 200 Chinese manufacturers of material handling equipment, but many of those coming into Australia were largely non-compliant with Australian standards. So we worked with our manufacturer to ensure that all aspects of Australian compliance are there, which provides a safety net for the end user and their operators,” says Matt.

“We are not the first to bring in a Chinese-manufactured product, but we have looked at the failures of the past, where many suppliers did not have the factory-trained technicians. They didn’t have the support, they didn’t have a national service infrastructure or even the parts to make sure the product was supported. So this has been a well thought-through process.”

3. Reliable and Proven Engine

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The power and reliability of any forklift truck comes from its engine. The great thing about the 2.5T Vulcan is that it shares the same high-quality engine as its premium-grade Mitsubishi LPG counterparts, featuring a Nissan K25 engine. The diesel 2.5T Vulcan features the Kubota V2403 engine, being a proven power supply for agricultural and farming equipment.

Matt says having proven engine combinations under the hood is a clear advantage for buyers. “We have the familiarity. We have a national technical training team and we are committed as part of an ongoing journey to have all our technicians be able to do our brand justice.”

4. Premium After-Sales Service

Source: Supplied.

It’s no secret that purchasing an imported machine, like a forklift, comes with its own risks. It could leave you with nowhere to turn if things go wrong. So, when it comes to offering a product at a lower cost, it’s extremely important to ensure you have access to quality after-sales support. MLA maintains their high level of premium after-sales service, no matter the product or price. 

“The point of difference is we have strong nationally supported after-sales service with Mitsubishi, that generally doesn’t occur with other imports. You’ll get the same high-level service from us whether you purchase the Mitsubishi, Nichiyu or the Vulcan,” says Steve.

“The Vulcan product is nationally supported from a centralised perspective. National service, national parts, national warranty. It’s a one-point solution for a mum-and-dad business, or perhaps for someone bigger who needs multiple units in multiple locations.”


Features of this all-rounder forklift truck include:

  • 36 Months, 2000 hour warranty
  • Nissan K25 & Kubota V2403 engine
  • LPG, Petrol & Diesel – Dual fuel is standard on LPG models
  • Spacious operator compartment
  • Higher seating position providing greater operator visibility
  • Full truck lighting package
  • Cowl-mounted hydraulic levers
  • Australian compliant  

Want to learn more about this beast of an all-rounder?

The MLA Vulcan 2.5T forklift truck is available at a special introductory price of $24,990* +GST. 

A further promotional discount of $1,000 applies to the advertised introductory price, simply by mentioning this article when placing your order**. Also available are finance packages starting from as low as $12.70*** per day. 

Contact the team at MLA Holdings to get yours today

Stock holdings on the floor are available as advertised to meet customer requirements.

*Price is accurate at time of publication. Price may change, please check with the seller prior to purchase. 
**Article promo discount available until 31/10/2020
***Finance disclaimer: Quoted finance payment only available to approved customers only. Quoted finance payments are based on a Chattel Mortgage with a 20% balloon payment value over a 60 month term. Fees and charges apply. Finance repayments supplied by Credit Equity Finance P/L, ABN: 48 121 894 451. ASIC Credit Representative Number: 463078.  

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