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Review: 2008 Isuzu NPR 200 Premium Tradepack Truck

Review: 2008 Isuzu NPR 200 Premium Tradepack Truck

Isuzu NPR 200 Premium Tradepack Truck: The Introduction

Acquiring a delivery truck for your small construction or trade business is a tedious thing to do, especially with all those licences that you need to work on and the budget that you have to consider. Good thing, there is a particular light-duty rig model that can help you eliminate the difficult tasks out of purchasing a vehicle–the Isuzu NPR Premium Tradepack–that is. Basically, lightweight trucks, like the said NPR 200, can be operated using a car licence alone, and can even be bought for a practical price, too. So if you’re a busy tradesman who’s in dire need of a ready-to-work set of wheels, but only owns a car license, this one is for you. More details about this Isuzu “worksite wonder” in my review below.

Isuzu NPR 200 Premium Tradepack Truck: Key Features

Strong yet fuel efficient engine

Whether you’re a landscaper, a plumber, or a builder, you can count on the Premium Tradepack when it comes to transporting all the goods of your business from one place to another. That’s because inside this 4.5 tonne GVM rig is a robust 5.2 litre, 4-cylinder Isuzu SiTEC Series III diesel engine, which comes with a nozzle turbocharger, that enhances fuel efficiency and emissions. It can punch out up to 155 of horsepower at 2,600rpm, and 419 Nm of torque at 1,600 to 2,600rpm.

Smooth transmission

For an even greater performance, the NPR 200’s SiTec motor is coupled with the manufacturer’s 6-speed automated manual gearbox. With this, you no longer have to worry about driver fatigue and stress caused by heading to long distant job sites or destinations since the said manual transmission acts like an “auto.”

Superb light towing prowess

This car licence-friendly truck brings a spacious tray, which is made of heavy-duty Alloy and comes with two-piece split drop sides, that lets you cart bulky lightweight construction materials, such as concrete blocks, sand, and gravel. To add to the appeal, the tray body also incorporates a three-piece ladder rack with a zinc-coated headboard for easy entry and exit. Though apart from that, what I am more interested about the Premium Tradepack is the tow hitch fitted at the back of it. This particular rig part can tow up to 3,500kg, thus, helping you transport mixers, generators, and other small to medium equipment to a work site without any hassle.

The NPR 200 is armed with a pair of galvanised-coated rear racks, too. These can be removed in case you want to utilise the full tray load capacity. There is also an airbag-compatible, aluminum-polished bullbar added at the front of the vehicle for extra protection.

Ergonomic design

Even though the Isuzu NPR 200 Premium Tradepack is only a light-duty truck, you will still be amazed at the high levels of driver comfort that it brings. Inside its stunning silver exterior is a spacious cab with seats up to three persons, and nicely situated controls and switches. It has plenty of storage for your essential stuff, a climate control air conditioning, and a couple of multimedia features, including a quality stereo, a Bluetooth system, and a DVD player.

Isuzu has as well equipped their NPR 200 (and other trucks in their range) with a cruise control, ABS braking with traction control, driver and passenger airbags, and front fog lamps. All these contribute to the superior driver comfort and safety during operations.

Isuzu NPR 200 Premium Tradepack Truck: Price

Used: $31,809 AUD

Isuzu NPR 200 Premium Tradepack Truck: Videos

No videos available.

Isuzu NPR 200 Premium Tradepack Truck: The Verdict

Summing up, the 2008 Isuzu NPR 200 Premium Tradepack is a perfect addition to your small construction or trade business. Yes, perhaps it may seem like one of those basic delivery trucks, but as I detailed above, it is packed with great specifications that can help you get your transporting jobs done. Its strong engine, towing power, and tray load capacity are I guess what distinguish it from its competitors and the rest of the light-duty rigs on the market today. With it, you can not only carry building materials from one place to another, you can also haul or pull light equipment to distant sites.

Simply put, the NPR 200 is an entry-level looking truck but with a first-class power and performance.

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