2009 Hino 300 Series 616 Trade Ace: The Introduction

So, just recently, me and my team had the chance to hop behind the wheels of one of the light-duty trucks under Hino. The rig was the 2009 version of the 616 Trade Ace, and basing from our test drive, it undoubtedly performed flawlessly.

To give you a quick overview, the Trade Ace has actually been considered a “ready-to-work” vehicle since as soon as you purchase it from your local dealer, you can already put it straight to your job site without further finishing or without working on any truck licence. Yes, this 4,495kg GVM set of wheels can accommodate entrepreneurs and drivers who only own a car licence. In addition to that, the rig also incorporates a couple of outstanding features that you might find necessary for your biz. I’ll detail them one by one in my review below. Let’s start!

2009 Hino 300 Series 616 Trade Ace: Key Features

Superb performance

Though categorized as a lightweight, the Trade Ace can still perform at a top level and can be a good fit for construction or logistics businesses that require back to back or overnight deliveries. Available at sellers like Madil Isuzu, a truck seller, we were truly impressed by its easy maneuverability. Its controls are relatively light to operate, and even its pedals and steering wheel are no heavier if compared to other light-duty vehicles on the market. Its gearbox, which is a M66YS 6-speed automatic manual transmission, is smooth as well, giving the team and I no problems while driving over bumpy roads and slippery high-ways. Indeed, the 616 Trade Ace perfectly suits those “non-truck drivers”.

Spacious tray

The body of the Trade Ace is just similar to other rigs in the Hino 300 series. But still, without it, the truck’s unmatched performance won’t be complete. Particularly, the tray is made of high quality alloy and measures 4.5 metres long, thus, giving you plenty of room for all your light construction materials such as steel, pipes, gravel, and sand. It is fitted with 400 mm high drop sides for hassle free loading and unloading, and a ladder rack and an aluminum headboard that is designed to protect the rear window.

Strong and reliable engine

The 300 Series 616 Trade Ace is powered by the robust N04C UH 4-cylinder diesel engine manufactured by Hino themselves. Technically, this motor can deliver up to 150 of horsepower and is armed with innovative technologies, such as the Variable Nozzle Turbo (VNT) and the common-rail fuel injection system, which both promise to deliver lower emissions and enhanced fuel efficiency.

The diesel engine also complies with the Enhanced Environmentally-Friendly Vehicle (EEV) and the Euro 5 emissions standards. It is packed with multiple heat and noise insulation, too, making the entire truck comfortable to drive even on the hottest days.

Ergonomic design

A classic look is what best describes the Trade Ace. In front of it is an airbag-compatible alloy bullbar for added protection, and a couple of sporting fog lamps, park lamps, and indicators. Inside it, meanwhile, is a spacious and very accommodating driver and passenger’s area. The comfortable seats are padded with canvas covers, and the cabin itself brings rubber floor mats and a wide leg and head room, regardless of the height and size of the operator. The vital buttons and switches are nicely laid out, too, for easy access and to minimize confusion.

Safety features are something that is as well present in the vehicle. Aside from the SRS air bags that come as standard, it is also fitted with the ABS braking system, and the innovative “water in the fuel filter” warning that can help prevent costly motor damages.

2009 Hino 300 Series 616 Trade Ace: Price

Used: $36,355 AUD

2009 Hino 300 Series 616 Trade Ace: Videos

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2009 Hino 300 Series 616 Trade Ace: The Verdict

There are so many things to brag about the 2009 Hino 300 Series 616 Trade Ace. If I were a driver/owner who’s in dire need of a “built-to-go” truck, I would’ve picked this particular model since it is armed with not only a pretty high tray load capacity but with an utmost power and performance, too. It is undeniably a perfect fit for small to medium-sized businesses that heavily rely on regular long distance and overnight deliveries to earn more profit.

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