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Review: 2012 Case IH 8230 Combine Harvester

Review: 2012 Case IH 8230 Combine Harvester

Case IH 8230: The Introduction

The early combine harvesters that hit the market in the early 1800’s are quite the literal “workhorse,” as those early incarnations were pulled by animals such as horses and oxen. It has certainly come a long way since then, and just like most of the power equipment that we’ve reviewed so far, it went through some drastic and remarkable changes over the last few decades. In today’s review, we’ll be checking one of the combines that belong to the latest generation of its kind, the towering Case IH 8230 Combine Harvester. In the next few minutes, we’ll try to figure out if this huge farm machinery has what it takes to take that elusive five stars or if it will fall below the average? There’s only one way to find out.

Before we jump in, if you’re on the hunt for a combine check out our 10 tips for buying a used combine harvester.

Now, back to the Case IH 8230.

Case IH 8230: Key Features

Convenient operation

As part of the Axial-Flow 230 series, the Case IH 8230 has an AFS Connect Telematics Systems which can let you use wireless technology to manage the operation of your combine. The good thing is, this works like a charm and without any exaggeration, it’ll even feel like you’re just playing around at times. But to be more fair and accurate, the AFS system is probably one of the most innovative and efficient mechanisms I’ve seen in a power equipment as huge as a combine.

Axial-flow rotor

Packed in the core of the Case IH 230 series combines is the freshest Small Tube rotor that’s designed to empower throughput, while also aiming to improve the overall productivity of the machine without compromising any of the quality of the product.

Efficient design

The major design idea that puts the Case IH 230 series ahead of some of its competitors is the machine’s readiness to perform at such a high level and the ability to sustain it. The Case IH 8230 equipped with headers that are strategised to bring out the full potential of the 8230.

Luxury cab

One thing that’s nearly impossible to ignore is the improved exterior and interior cabin design of the Case IH 8230. There’s not much to complain about the interior since the cab looks great and seems ready for long hours of work. The Multifunction Propulsion Control lever is also worth noting, since it does allow the operator an easy access to the key external functions of the machine right in the palm of your hand.

Built for bigger challenges

True to the Case IH tradition of big and versatile combines, the 8230 is built to bring its best performance in the most challenging conditions, largest contractors, biggest fields, highest yields, and under the watch of the most demanding owners in the farming and agricultural business. The design and the material that is used for the combine has been proven and tested to withstand the daily grind and heavy-duty tasks of huge farms.

Single rotor technology

Single rotor threshing and separation is a trademark and smart innovation from Case IH. The technology promotes efficiency by having one rotor for all crops and conditions. The manufacturers have also slightly upped the ante by integrating the latest farming technology and in order to meet the future farming needs of the industry.

Case IH 8230: Price


Case IH 8230: Videos

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Case IH 8230: The Verdict

Overall, the Case IH 8230 Combine Harvester features some really good and innovative technologies that are aimed to boost productivity and efficiency of the combine harvesters. Although, the heavy-duty Case IH 8230 also packs some hefty price, so this power equipment isn’t for the small farms and businesses. However, if you’re an operator of a huge land or farm, then the Case IH 8230 Combine Harvester is easily a strong choice to kick-start your business or push it to the next level.

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