Chicago Pneumatic CP6060 SASAB Air Impact Wrench: The introduction

Having the right tool in the automotive, metalworking, and construction industry is a factor that will ultimately define the performance of your business. Given that, it will also define your profits. That’s why in starting your own workshop (or expanding it), you should always equip your biz with the most powerful and reliable machines. However, since money will always be an issue, many may go for the less expensive ones. But keep in mind that these may not necessarily be the best choice. It’s a good thing that there is a manufacturing company that delivers high-quality tools at a relatively affordable price. I’m talking about Chicago Pneumatic. Today, we’re going to have an in-depth look at their CP6060 SASAB air impact wrench. So if you’re in need of an air tool, then check out my review of this product below.

Chicago Pneumatic CP6060 SASAB Air Impact Wrench: Key features

Versatile air tool

The CP6060 SASAB air impact wrench is a heavy duty equipment. Basically, it’s ideal for high production rates. These include those that are on the production or assembly lines. In addition, it is suitable for disassembly, repair, and maintenance of other equipment such as heat exchangers, compressors, pumps, as well as valves.

In essence, you can use it for those continuous heavy duty jobs. And since it is tough, it can accommodate a lot of industries. Among these are the motor or automotive industry, the construction, machinery or equipment, and petrochemical primary metals sector.


Chicago Pneumatic equipped the CP6060 SASAB with a heavy duty construction that allows it to handle the demands of difficult operations. Aside from that, you can be sure that this air impact wrench will be able to stay strong for a long time. That’s thanks to the steel thread and steel clutch housing that prolongs housing life. With this tool, you can certainly save a lot of money in the long run.


This air tool is of a pistol handle type. It features a 3/4″ square drive, as well as a maximum torque (fwd) of 995 ft-lbs. Its free speed measures at 3500rpm, plus it offers 1000 blows per minute. At 11.7lbs., it’s generally lightweight, allowing you a one-hand use. It has a noise level of 95dbA, and a sound power of 106dbA. Lastly, because of its small size, it makes it easy for you to access and work in tight areas with the CP6060 SASAB.

Standard features

The CP6060 SASAB incorporates the use of durable patented 2-jaw clutch of motor components. These generally deliver hard hitting impact blows. More than that, it has a 3-piece housing that promotes convenience during servicing or maintenance of both the clutch and motor components. And there’s also the “Hushed Power” air-diffusing exhaust chamber. This works to keep the sound level down. Finally, there is the teasing throttle to ease bolt starting and full power for both forward or reverse to promote efficiency.

Chicago Pneumatic CP6060 SASAB Air Impact Wrench: Price

New: $1,500 AUD ($1,650 GST Inclusive) – CAPS

Chicago Pneumatic CP6060 SASAB Air Impact Wrench: Videos

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Chicago Pneumatic CP6060 SASAB Air Impact Wrench: The verdict

Overall, I’d say that the Chicago Pneumatic CP6060 SASAB is a good air impact wrench to invest on. It is highly durable and extremely versatile. Furthermore, it offers ease of operations and maintenance as well. Not to mention that it is such an efficient machine that promotes a quick application. So if you want to have a high quality and reliable air tool, then I would affirm that you would not go wrong with the Chicago Pneumatic CP6060 SASAB.

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