2013 Terex TSR60: The introduction

We all love humble beginnings. Do you know that in the construction field, there is such as a thing as this? Wondering what it is? Well, it’s actually the skid-steer. It was originally developed to move manure from barns, but because of its efficacy, ease of operation, and the myriad of applications that it can perform, it has become one of the most-used construction equipment on the market. Present-day skid steers are packed with relatively the same features as its prototype that was released years back (1956) and the only thing that has changed is the design. Yes, they are more aesthetically appealing nowadays and would make anyone take a second look–it’s a real eye-catcher–with its perfect mix of finesse and toughness. A clear-cut example is the 2013 Terex TSR60 Skid Steer; if you haven’t seen it and you’re in the construction biz, then you’re missing a lot. Now, let’s take look at the Terex so that you’ll find out how it has gained the nod of Planet Skid Steers and other suppliers.

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2013 Terex TSR60: Key features

Lighter than competition 

With an operating weight of less than 7,000 lbs (6,480 lbs), the TSR60 is 7.5% lighter than its competition. It can also exert 60 HP of output, which means that it’s about 12% less powerful than other skid steers, but despite this, it is well capable of lifting 1,500 lbs of weight; in addition to this, it can travel at 7.4 mph.

Superb cabin 

The TSR60 is equipped with a comfortable and spacious cab that is packed with air-conditioning, heater, pilot controls, and power quick attach, among others, it has appropriate visibility which can help operators perform the necessary tasks with utmost ease and maneuverability.

Exceptional safety features

With its tilt-up and tilt-out roll over protection structure (ROPS), emergency beacon, and safety beacon pack, operators don’t have to worry about their safety when performing construction tasks. This is a must, considering the uncertainty of working environments.

Durable and easy to maintain

Aside from being made from the finest and most durable materials, the TSR60 is packed with a standard mechanical-faced axle that seals as well as protects bearings from wear and tear damages that may accumulate over time. On top of these, the tilt-up and tilt-out can become handy when it comes to performing daily maintenance checks because it makes the whole thing easier and more hassle-free.

Considerable ground clearance

Increased ground clearance or flotation is essential when it comes to construction tasks because it minimises ground disturbance and adds a sense of maneuverability during construction tasks when driving on uneven or soft terrain. Plus, it allows adds a sense of agility that is tough to beat.

2013 Terex TSR60: Price

Used: $37,950 AUD

2013 Terex TSR60: Videos

2013 Terex TSR60: The verdict

While it can be considered as a minimalist skid steer because it only contains basic features that can help you perform construction tasks with flying colors. Yep. You shouldn’t neglect this piece of machinery despite its compact size because its power, efficiency, and durability are simply superb and they can well compete with bigger equipment when it comes to the mentioned attributes. On top of these, it comes in a budget-friendly price range. Putting all these factors into consideration, we can conclude that the Terex TSR60 is a great investment, especially for those who make a living in the construction biz.

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