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Review: 2015 Avant 420 Compact Articulated Loader

Review: 2015 Avant 420 Compact Articulated Loader

2015 Avant 420: The Introduction

The loader is arguably the most versatile heavy-duty equipment you’ll see in a lot of industries in the earthmoving and landscaping market. In fact, the variety of loaders in their field far supersedes that of other power equipment that’s right about its range and size. It’s probably even safe to say that the machine is among the most innovative and reliable workhorses you can add to your farm or plantation. Which is also why it’s one of the most featured and requested machines here. In that regard, the subject of our review today will showcase another top-tier compact loader from Avant. The 2015 420 Compact Articulated Loader.

2015 Avant 420: Key Features

Operational efficiency

One of the main selling points of every Avant loader has always been the telescopic boom. This allows the manufacturer to engineer compact loaders with impressive lifting capabilities. At the same time, this gives the operators superior versatility as they’ll now be able to access tight spaces and deal with other challenging working conditions. In addition, the Avant attachment connection system lets simple and convenient way of switching between attachments. Meanwhile, the mechanical connection that is half automatic, enable you to connect and lock the attachments directly from the operator cabin.

Incredible versatility

A compact equipment doesn’t always account for low power and the 420 is a perfect example of that. To add, the lightweight machine which combined with excellent articulation enables driving on sensitive ground without harming it. Furthermore, Avant also owns an impressive set of attachments that you can purchase whenever you’re ready to expand your range of applications or would have projects that are in need of specialised solutions. Avant-loaders and attachments have also been designed for year-round use, making it perfect for any season and resistant against weather.

Optimum safety

The 420 compact loader has been engineered to perfection when it comes to safety and reliability. Aside from its excellent ergonomics, the unit features a all-powerful build that allows it to withstand elements and tough weather conditions. The truck also includes an ROPS-compliant safety canopy and FOPS safety roof as standard in order to provide superior cabin protection. Additionally, Avant’s innovative load sensor provides audible warning that helps maneuvering much easier and accurate. Then finally, the loader’s rigid articulation joint keeps the machine steady while on the move, and even on rough stretches.

2015 Avant 420: Price

$37,950 AUD GST Inclusive

2015 Avant 420: Videos

No videos available.

2015 Avant 420: The Verdict

The versatile 420 loader is easily one of the best in its class, offering incredible balance between power and versatility. The truck is strong enough to handle heavier loads with a maximum lift capacity as high as 550 kilograms.  Meanwhile, its compact size makes it an adaptable worker that can be just as effective in large operations as it is when used for simple landscaping tasks and maintenance. So if you’re looking a compact workhorse that can easily match up your operational requirements for your DIY applications and other regular tasks, the The 2015 420 Compact Articulated Loader is certainly one of the loaders you need to check out in the market.

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