Bad Boy CZT Elite Ride-On: The Introduction

If the Christmas wish of your company is to replace your worn out ride-on mower, you probably put the Bad Boy CZT Elite on your short list? Before finalising the decision, let me help you with the breakdown of details of this mower if it’s worth the shot or not. Bear in mind that finding a replacement unit in the mould of the mentioned equipment is easy and there are simple issues that you need to take a look at beforehand. Sad to say though, many people tend to overlook them. So don’t be a part of the statistics and check out this write up it contains essential information about the CZT Elite.

Bad Boy CZT Elite Ride-On: Key Features

Bigger, badder, better

Step up your mower performance with the Bad Boy CZT Elite’s bigger, badder, higher horsepower, and heavier-duty engine, improved tires to boost traction, and upgraded rear hydraulics to increase power. For these reasons, lawn mowing tasks can be a breeze.

Dual capacity tanks

Dual capacity tanks are perfect if you’re a no-nonsense individual who puts a premium on his/her precious time; dual fuel tanks translate to reduced downtime and longer cut times. So, if productivity is your major concern, then the Bad Boy CZT Elite is perfect for you.

Superb controls

Controlling engine speed is easy with this commercial mower’s throttle control and control levers. Activating them is not rocket science when it comes to the throttle control, you only need to move the lever forward to increase engine rpm and then backwards to reduce it. Control levers, on the other hand, are used to accelerate, steer, decelerate, and change directions, among other things. These features did not only improve engine speed management, they also enhance fuel economy.

Splendid operator comfort

Because the CZT Elite has a lower centre of gravity compared to others that are out on the market, it is able to distribute weight in a more efficient manner. With this, it is more comfortable compared to the other brands that are out on the market.

Durable and reliable 

While it may not be the head of its class when it comes to durability and reliability, it can be said that the said commercial mower can more than hold its own when it comes to these matters. It is made up of high-quality, weather-proof materials that do not easily breakdown even if they are exposed to harsh outdoor elements for extended periods.

Easy-to-change blades

The blades are easy to change and they can be easily adjusted to perfectly complement existing requirements. If you find the 3/1 blades ineffective or inefficient, then just switch to the 2/1 blades.

Bad Boy CZT Elite Ride-On: Videos

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Bad Boy CZT Elite Ride-On: The Verdict

Yes, the CZT Elite is a “bad boy” in the commercial mowing field, but as you can see, there a couple of things that it needs to improve if it wants to be the baddest of the baddest. For instance, while its controls are reliable and easy to use, their competitors offer the same feature, but with better precision and accuracy. Despite this though, it can be said that for its price, it pretty much gives value for money that you may have a difficult time finding elsewhere, but if you have access to unlimited funds and you want your business to grow, I suggest that you go for other tried and tested brands. With the CZT Elite, you’re slightly sacrificing quality for a lower price, but it’s still a win-win situation since you’d be able to obtain the piece of equipment that you like and save a substantial amount in the process.

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