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Review: 2015 CAT 740 Ejector Truck

Review: 2015 CAT 740 Ejector Truck

CAT 740: The Introduction

Dump trucks, did you know that their earliest predecessors came into fruition before internal combustion engine was developed? They were actually two-wheeled box carts that were drawn by horses and came with automated unloading system that was made up of ropes and pulleys. The first one was actually sold in 1904 and it drastically changed afterward. Now, decades later, the influence of these vehicles rose to great heights and many continue to enjoy the endless advantages that they bring. On the other hand, not all of them are created equal and some are more accepted by the business owners and included on the shortlist is the Cat 740. We at the review team are quite intrigued with this, so we decided to take a closer look.

CAT 740: Key Features

Sophisticated ACERT Engine

Cat prides itself with the ACERT engine that play key roles when it comes to precision, efficient combustion cycles, reduced noise, better combustion, and a number of other high-tech features. The results? Fewer emissions and optimized fuel combustion. In the long run, such features translate to huge savings.

Proven reliability

Cat has a proven track record when it comes to reliability, which it achieved with the use of electronic transmission, engine over speed inhibitor, and controlled throttle shifts. They all corroborate to give protection against engine stress, inappropriate clutch engagements, and over-speeding.

Performance and traction control 

The 740 is armed with a fully automatic traction control system that comes with oil-immersed clutches that contribute to smooth and seamless transmission and maximum traction. On top of these, it is also packed with fully independent and automatic clutches that maximizes efficiency when traversing uneven terrains and grounds.

Exclusive air suspension seat

Cat’s air suspension seat effectively and efficiently enhances operator comfort with the use of cushioned back, adjustable lumbar settings, and ride zone indicators, among other state-of-the-art features.

Unmatched durability

The 740 and other CAT heavy equipment are made from the finest materials that are tried and tested when it comes to trumping the effects of wear and tear and external factors. Plus, it has a high-load carry capacity which means that it can carry heavy loads without accumulating unnecessary stress on its suspensions and other crucial components.


CAT is a company that puts’s a premium on environmental protection and sustainability and for this reason, they incorporated the Cat Clean Emission Module in their line of heavy equipment, which includes the 740. It meets Tier 4 Final also known as the EU Stage 4 emissions system to reduce the emission of particulate matters, nitrogen oxide residues, and air toxins. The mentioned dump truck is also armed with a C15 ACERT engine that can run on biodiesel blended fuels and ultra-low-sulphur diesel.

CAT 740: Price

New: Request a quote

Used: $175,000 AUD to  $570,000 AUD

CAT 740: Videos

No videos available.

CAT 740: The Verdict

Anyway, you look, you can never go wrong with the Cat 740 dump truck since it has everything you need to take your biz to a whole new level. And on top of these, you can be sure that the health, as well as the welfare of your employees, will not be compromised since it has a well-equipped cab and other protective commodities. Also, it’s the company’s dedication to environmental sustainability is another plus for potential buyers like since you know that you’re helping mother nature in your own little way. So go for the Cat 740 if you want something that you won’t regret.

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