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Review: 2015 Crossfire Scout 250 CC ATV Quad Bike

Review: 2015 Crossfire Scout 250 CC ATV Quad Bike

2015 Crossfire Scout 250 CC: The Introduction

The process in selecting an all-terrain vehicle (ATVs, also known as quad bikes) for your farming operation is not all black and white, and like other agricultural equipment, factors such as transmission, power, rider comfort, safety, and a few other features are important in determining whether a certain ATV is apt for the task at hand once it enters your farm. Nevertheless, these versatile compact workhorses are one piece of equipment that most landscapers and farm operators can’t do without. And while they can’t be a substitute for a number of the traditional ones we have, on many entry level farms, these ATVs can certainly reduce the need for some of those more pricey commodities that we often instinctively lean on. In today’s review, we’ll be featuring one of the all-terrain machines that are being recognised for its cost efficiency and operational flexibility: the relatively new 2015 Crossfire Scout 250 CC ATV Quad Bike.

2015 Crossfire Scout 250 CC: Key Features

High-quality build

One thing that’s worth noting about Crossfire as a manufacturer, is that the brand has some existing technology sharing system with Yamaha, a name that most of us would easily recognise in a second. To drive home the point, Crossfire shares a Yamaha owned factory, which means that the components used for this quad are on par with the world leader in ATV design and manufacturing. Thanks to this concept, during the last few years, the rugged and durable build of Crossfire’s line of all-terrain vehicles has made some huge strides in competitive and demanding markets like the US, Brazil, and Australia. In addition, the machine boasts solid front racks (powder coated) carrier, front hydraulic-assisted brakes, front strut suspension, rear solid rack, and other essential gear to improve the ATV’s safety and quality standards.

Compact and competent

Naturally, or especially before the new millennium the bigger machines usually brings the better output. But the constant development in equipment manufacturing has opened all possibilities for smaller machines and has allowed the operators to appreciate the advantages of using a more compact and versatile machinery to execute tasks that cannot be executed efficiently by the ATV’s larger peers. The Crossfire 250 fits in this category, and the good thing is that it lets the rider use a lighter equipment that will make quick and efficient work in the field without ever sacrificing ruggedness and dependability. Furthermore, the ATV’s very convenient to ride since ample space has been provided for the rider to operate, while the conveniently accessible and easy to identify ergonomic control system makes manoeuvring less of a hassle and more accurate during field operations.

Optimum safety and versatility

On the trails, power comes by way of 250cc matched perfectly to a silky smooth 5-speed gears semi auto clutch which is perfect for any standard farm operation. The little truck also features great ground clearance thanks to a smart frame design, while the 22” wheels provide good grip and will easily let you get to all places on the property with ease and comfort. To add, the new Scout 250 CC also includes Hi/Lo beam switch, indicator switch, hazard light switch, rear brake lever/park brake (also front pedal rear brake), and of course, the all-powerful 250cc engine with a shaft drive power train.

2015 Crossfire Scout 250 CC: Price

New: AUD $4,199.00

2015 Crossfire Scout 250 CC: Videos

No videos available.

2015 Crossfire Scout 250 CC: The Verdict

The 2015 Crossfire Scout 250 CC ATV Quad Bike is a well-balanced 250cc 2WD utility ATV that is tough and great to invest in. The compact ATV can pretty much execute basic farming tasks with relative ease and great efficiency, and perhaps with some additional options and slight configuration, can even do more than what’s advertised. If you’re wondering, though, the quad’s quite a beast as well outside of the field and a pretty solid companion as well for your other weekend hobbies. Rounding up, the Crossfire Scout 250 CC ATV is clearly one of the best utility quad bike you’ll ever find around its price range and is a quality investment both for in and out your workplace.

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