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Review: 2015 Fecon FTX128L Compact Mulching Tractor

Review: 2015 Fecon FTX128L Compact Mulching Tractor

Fecon FTX128L: The Introduction

Mulchers remain as one of the most potent and most commonly used equipment by a lot of farmers, contractors, government offices, and even private organisations in multiple earth-moving industries and land-clearing projects. While it’s pretty evident that these fine-tuned machines don’t present themselves to be as versatile as some of their peers—like the (fancy-looking) telescopic handlers or some (compact) multi-purpose tractors—they still do their original job with precision and efficiency like nobody else. I mean, some machinery does allow the integration of a mulcher attachment, but at the end of the day, none of them could really do the deed as effectively and accurately as the equipment that’s actually made for that specific dirty work. In today’s review, we’ll be looking at the pros and cons of one of the freshest compact mulchers in the market: the Fecon FTX128L Compact Mulching Tractor.

Fecon FTX128L: Key Features

High performance

Owing to its predecessors and competitive market trends, the Fecon FTX128L joins the fray not only with a much-improved design but also with a great balance of newly minted features and performance-driven specifications. The mulcher’s ability to perform at a decent level for a variety of heavy-duty tasks instantly gives it an edge against most of its competition.

Optimised fuel economy

The efficiency of a power equipment when it comes to saving fuel is always a great plus on its total market value. A heavy-duty machine’s productivity is after all not only based on its array of advanced features, the other half always depends on how long the machine could operate and provide a consistent amount of work. The Fecon FTX128L’s ability to lower operating costs adds a really nice touch, and could even spell the difference later, on whether it could be your mulcher or not.

 Conveniently designed cab

The Fecon FTX128L’s cabin is designed to alleviate stress and pressure off of its operator, especially when working over an extended period of time or within narrow spaces. The cab features a clear panoramic view for the operator, unobstructed rear visibility, easy-access door, suspension seat, and an optional rearview camera for much-improved visibility among others.

Compact and versatile

The idea behind the Fecon FTX128L is to build a smart and high-performance mulcher within a fuel-efficient, compact body. In that regard, the FTX128L showcases a much-improved flexibility and manoeuvrability, which then allows the equipment to work within rigid spaces and challenging terrains with relative ease. The compact design also greatly contribute to the machine’s fuel economy and balanced framework.


To better complement the FTX128, Fecon also customised its parts to provide the best experience for its users. For starters, the mulcher is equipped a swing out hydraulic cooler system which facilitates the complete cleaning of both sides of the equipment’s cooler. Not only that, Fecon also guaranteed an unmatched service and accessibility to make daily service checks and maintenance much easier and convenient for the operator.

Operational versatility

As aforementioned, the FTX128 was designed to handle a wide-range of tasks. In fact, the Fecon FTX128 is devised to handle a variety of prolific land clearing and forestry attachments and implements. The machine also features an in-cab adjustable flow mechanism which makes it doable to seamlessly interchange between approved attachments.

Fecon FTX128L: Price


Fecon FTX128L: Videos

Fecon FTX128L: The Verdict

Overall, the Fecon FTX128L Compact Mulching Tractor did a great job in filling in the specs’ checklist I’ve prepared for today’s review. In fact, just having a couple of runs with the machine already left me a pretty solid impression on how this compact heavy-duty mulcher would fare in the long run. The range of much needed and fresh features that serve as a catalyst for its improved performance is certainly a huge plus, too—especially when combined with its fuel-efficient ways. Summing up, the FTX128L Compact Mulching Tractor presents itself as a very strong candidate for the next mulcher/tractor in your business. It’s certainly a choice that is justifiable and has all the potential to be a great investment for the future.

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