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Review: 2015 Genie GTH™ 5519 Compact Telehandler

Review: 2015 Genie GTH™ 5519 Compact Telehandler

Genie GTH™ 5519: Introduction

It hasn’t been that long since we did that previous comprehensive review about a certain telescopic handler, and as I’ve stated in that preceding product analysis, the recent versions of telehandlers are actually getting better and better in both their visual aspects and performance qualities. I’ll even go on the record to say it again that telehandlers are starting to become the rock star among its power equipment peers. That’s why in today’s review, we’ll be shifting back our focus to one of the most sought after farm and construction machinery in the market. This time, though, we’ll be looking at the strengths and weaknesses of the Genie GTH™ 5519 Compact Telehandler.

Genie GTH™ 5519: Key Features

Improved overall design

Since 2014, Genie has been incorporating some new design elements with their telescopic handler line. Those changes are pretty evident with the GTH™ 5519’s smart and versatile build that aims to improve the operator’s comfort and safety, while also providing ample new features to keep the telehandler looking fresh and highly efficient.

Spacious cabin

The 5519 compact telehandler doesn’t (or will never) compromise the operator’s comfort for not much cause. In fact, despite the 5519’s compact frame, Genie was still able to create a sizable cabin with tilt steering and ergonomically placed dashboard that lets the user have enough mobility to take over the controls efficiently and safely. In addition, the new GTH compact also has defrost, ventilation, armrest padding, and storage improvements.

Durable workhorse

As stated by Genie, to which I agree to a certain extent, the 5519 compact telehandler is the ideal mobile and compact telehandler that most job sites need. During our test, the telehandler also proved its no slouch physically as it showcased its robust lift that has an incredible lifting capacity of 2,000 kg (5,500 lbs), with a forward reach of 11 ft, and a solid 19 ft high lifting capacity.

Powerful engine

Genie’s prized telehandler is equipped with a reliable and high quality 68 horsepower Deutz TD 2.9 L4 Tier 4 final engine. It’s also worth noting that this agile power equipment doesn’t need a DEF fluid or regen to meet the current emission standards while providing additional power.

Easy to operate

The Genie GTH™ 5519 is also packed with much-improved handling system, which is highlighted by its state of the art multi-function joystick control for accurate positioning and operation. Inside the cabin, the dashboard is also easily distinguishable and accessible within the operator’s reach in order to simplify the process and let the operator get optimum comfort while on course with their daily tasks.

Genie Quick-Attach™ system

Another thing that I really like about the 5519’s design is it’s quick attach system for attachments and implements. Not only that, the availability and compatibility of multiple attachments for the compact telehandler also helped greatly in order to increase the machine’s versatility and overall value in the workplace.

Genie GTH™ 5519: Price


Genie GTH™ 5519: Videos

Genie GTH™ 5519: Overall

The Genie GTH™ 5519 Compact Telehandler easily becomes one of the most impressive compact power equipment that I’ve reviewed so far. Besides the fact that I personally like its external design and cool looking blue finish, the GTH™ 5519 did more to impress me when we went down to check up on what goes beyond the cover and how well it will fair in the workplace. While mobility is something that I expected firsthand, the 5519 upped the ante against rival compact telehandlers because of its sheer strength and expanded compatibility with several key attachments in the workplace. Overall, the GTH™ 5519 Compact Telehandler seems like a very solid choice for any motivated business owners from the construction or agricultural industries. It’s multi-purpose, quite easy to maintain and operate, and surprisingly powerful, too. Just like how Genie described their prized telehandler, this machine could very well be the first to arrive on the site, but still, the last one to leave.

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