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Review: 2015 Kobelco ED160 Blade Runner Excavator

Review: 2015 Kobelco ED160 Blade Runner Excavator

Kobelco Blade Runner: The Introduction

Australia’s construction industry is booming like never before, and if you want to be a part of it, then it would be beneficial to know that there’s a tremendous sense of satisfaction that can be obtained from it, especially when a particular structure becomes complete. It’s a little something that you’d be really proud of. On the other hand, it should be noted that being successful in this particular field is not a walk in the park and there are a lot of factors that you need to take into consideration. For instance, you need to consider the equipment that you’ll use and its operating time. With regards to this, many industry experts state that getting the right one can help you save close to 25% of overall machine operating time. If you’re looking for your “X-factor” in the mould of the right machinery then we’ve got news for you: finding the right one is easy, just as long as you know where to look. And as of late, there’s an excavator that has gotten some attention because of the reliability and performance that it brings: the Kobelco ED160 Blade Runner.

Kobelco Blade Runner: Key Features

Powerful hydraulic system

In general, an excavator is measured by its hydraulic system and you’d be glad to hear that the Blade Runner is packed with a highly efficient pump that can perform rigorous excavation tasks and at the same time cut energy cost. Also, before it hits the market, the mentioned excavator undergoes scrupulous inspections so as to make sure that clients will get their money’s worth.

Cutting edge next-generation electronic engine control

With its multiple injection features that is packed with engine control, the Blade Runner’s high pressure, fuel injection engine can help you save fuel without compromising performance because it can provide low-speed torque.

Different kinds of work modes

Aside from the electronic engine control, the Blade Runner comes with work modes that can help you achieve the task at hand with utmost efficiency. The first one is the H-mode and you can activate this if you’re going to work on a heavy duty task where higher performance is required. The second one is the S-mode and you can activate this for normal operations and you want to save fuel along the way. The third (and last) one is the ECO-mode and it’s perfect for less rigorous tasks that require less power; compared to the first two modes, this one is the best when it comes to fuel consumption.

Spacious cab 

The Blade Runner comes with a spacious cab with appropriate legroom, increased window areas, and easy open doors that open wide when you enter or exit the mentioned machinery. Putting these factors into consideration, you can say that operating this excavator is easy and hassle free.

Superb safety features

Aside from the ISO-compliant roll over protective structure (ROPS) cab, the Blade Runner also comes with a thermal guard that impedes contact with hot components, a rearview camera, and a hammer for emergency exit.

High tech GEOSCAN capability 

The GEOSCAN feature allows the operator to utilise the World Wide Web to manage essential information that are related to your vehicle from anywhere. With this, you can make the most of your prized vehicle and allow you to make the necessary adjustments if necessary. Some of the information that you can use include the following: location data, fuel consumption, operating hours, work content, and machine maintenance data, among others.

Kobelco Blade Runner: Price

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Kobelco Blade Runner: Videos

Kobelco Blade Runner: The Verdict

The Kobelco Blade Runner is a grand choice if you’re seriously contemplating of investing in the Australian construction field. This piece of machinery can help you perform a number of tasks that in an effective, efficient, and fast manner; all these will be done while consuming fuel and other resources. On top of the mentioned features, maintenance tasks can be easily implemented with utmost ease without having a technician to come over because you can perform them without professional supervision. All in all, it is a worthwhile investment that comes with endless gains.

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