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Review: 2015 Kubota B3150 Tractor

Review: 2015 Kubota B3150 Tractor

Kubota B3150: The introduction

Farming tractors are indispensable equipment—essential when it comes to handling a wide array of farming tasks. These heavy-duty vehicles are the workhorses of modern agriculture are powerful, durable, versatile, and everything in between. Without them, farming tasks are more difficult to perform and will take countless hours to finish. However, just having a tractor will do since you have to obtain the right one that not only complements your needs, preference and budget but has also gained the approval of experts. Now, to achieve this, you need to be armed with essential information like the essential features and functions. Afterwards, you can contact the likes of Boya Equipment and see if they have what you’re looking and viola! You can improve your farming activities in no time at all. But first, let’s take a quick look on a tractor that you might like: the Kubota B3150.

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Kubota B3150: Key features

Powerful and clean engine

You can say that the heart and soul of a tractor is its engine and this is where the Kubota B3150 pretty much stands out. It’s packed with a powerful and state of the art liquid-cooled Emissions – Three Vortex Combustion System (E-TVCS) engine that is specifically designed for increased power as well as high torque while reducing emissions that can harm the environment.

Dust resistant cab 

If you’re worried about getting the most of your investment, then the B3150 is just the thing for you because withstanding the test of time is just what it’s all about. It has a dust-resistant cab that can prevent the build up of dust (and sometimes mildew) even after long hours of continuous work. In addition to this, it can also minimise the probability of having dust inside the cab because unlike other tractors, it doesn’t have holes in the floor. Putting these factors into consideration, it can be said that with the B3150, you can be sure that you can make the most of your prized investment and make the most of it for many years to come.

Spacious, quiet, and comfortable workspace

The B3150’s cab is unlike any other because it’s spacious, quiet, and comfortable. In some ways, it actually resembles the interior of a fancy car. Why? You ask. Well, it comes with a storage compartment, a toolbox, and a cup holder that are all ergonomically placed and within arm’s reach to improve productivity and at the same time reduce the onset of fatigue.

Fine safety features

Aside from its ROPS cab that can give uncompromising protection against injuries and other conditions that may develop due to accidents, the B3150 also comes with a cruise control feature that maintains your set working speed.

Superb visibility 

You may not know it, but visibility is essential when performing farming tasks and Kubota guys made a good job addressing this issue. They used a cleverly designed rear window that is just enough for fresh air to come in; with this, fogging can be minimised. On top of this, it is armed with a rear defogger and wiper than can improve visibility if necessary.

Kubota B3150: Price

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Kubota B3150: Videos

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Kubota B3150: The verdict

The Kubota B3150 is a no-nonsense equipment that is known for durability, productivity potential, versatility, and everything in between. You can say that it’s the perfect companion if you want to trump competition and reach the full potential of your farming business. Whether you own an established or a start-up entity, you can never go wrong with this tractor. Unlike its competitors that need improvements in some aspects, this one doesn’t or, if does, it’s probably not that important. You can say that its designers and engineers made a good job paying attention to the basics that play an essential role in productivity, efficiency, and safety.

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