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Review: 2015 Kubota DG7500 Portable Generator

Review: 2015 Kubota DG7500 Portable Generator

Kubota DG7500 Portable Generator: The Introduction

Portable generators are popular for their various uses. For instance, if you’re a camper or someone who enjoys outdoor recreational activities, you’ll surely appreciate this kind of equipment since it will enable you to bring power to an area where none is available. If you’re someone who manages a small business, on the other hand, you’ll also benefit from this portable electric generator as it can give you backup electricity when sudden outages occur.

Now, in case you’re in the hunt for a unit whether for your biz or for your next camping trip, there is a vast selection of models on the market that you can choose from. One of them that has earned several nice feedback from users, though, is the Kubota DG7500. I’ll run down everything about this open frame generator below so you can determine if it is something that can also meet your needs.

Kubota DG7500 Portable Generator: Key Features


The Kubota brand is well-known for their high-quality diesel generators that can perform at a top level even in the toughest working conditions. And their DG7500 is no difference. Upon testing it with my team, I found out that it’s a durable and easy-to-operate piece of equipment that can work well in other rural or remote applications. It comes with a 24-month warranty and backed by Kubota’s KPC Dealer Network, making it stand out.

Power and efficiency

When it comes to power, the Kubota DG7500 is at the top of the game. Integrating a 4 cycle diesel engine, it can produce a maximum output of 7.5 kVA. This has enabled us to run several small appliances and gadgets during out test, including a mini fridge, a fan, a stereo, tablets, and mobile phones. This portable generator has a Mecc Alte alternator, too, allowing it to punch out cleaner and more stable power.

Overall design

Honestly, the DG7500 isn’t as ergonomic as other portable generators that we have tested before. Don’t get me wrong, though. I still find this model a great inclusion in your small biz or in your recreational activities given that it is Japanese made. In terms of construction, it brings this powder coated steel tubular open frame that is very strong.

Additionally, the model is medium-sized, measuring 703mm in height and 1283mm in length, yet can still be carried to a campsite without any hassle. Thanks to its one point lifting eye. It has vibration-dampening rubber pads as well, which help it reduce vibration and noise. Some optional extras that you can request to have include a battery isolator and a fire extinguisher.

Kubota DG7500 Portable Generator: Price

New: $5,620 AUD ($6,182 GST Inclusive) – Boya Equipment

Kubota DG7500 Portable Generator: Videos

No videos available.

Kubota DG7500 Portable Generator: The Verdict

In the hunt for a dependable portable generator for your business or for your next camping trip? Then the Kubota DG7500 is an ideal choice. Personally, what I loved about it is its easy operation and its ability to produce nothing but clean and stable power. I also liked the fact that it has this open frame body yet can still reduce both vibration and noise. And of course, I was in awe with its exceptional power and efficiency as well. Overall, it is something that is worth your money. Aside from recreational activities, I also find it suitable for events, caravans, emergencies, and for construction and agricultural operations.

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