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Review: 2015 Prime-tech PT-175 Mulcher

Review: 2015 Prime-tech PT-175 Mulcher

Prime-tech PT-175: The Introduction

A lot of times, wood chippers and mulchers get interchanged in and out of the landscaping and farming industry. Though it doesn’t really seem that much of a deal, since the difference between the two machines is arguably not that much, and is in fact, likely justifiable under most circumstances. However, to set the record straight, I’ve always been more of a “mulcher guy” because they tend to be more flexible and more powerful on the field. So in today’s review, we’ll be featuring one of the latest power equipment of its kind, 2015 Prime-tech PT-175 Mulcher.

Prime-tech PT-175: Key Features

Optimal comfort

The PT-175 has been elaborately designed to let its operator gain unparalleled control over the machine. In addition, the powerful workhorse also nicely offers a really good manoeuvring speed and precision, which lets the driver maximise the machine’s potential, and run the whole operation with relative ease and peace of mind.

 Multiple application

Amazingly, Prime-tech also gives a good account of itself for its highly functional build, which lets it perform light to medium duty work conveniently and efficiently. With its compact size, this tough and durable workhorse can be used for landscaping, vegetation management, cutting seismic lines, among others.


The very fluid design of the PT-175 extends from its spacious interior into its comprehensively designed exterior. Outside, the machinery’s hood could be easily opened completely so that the serviceable parts and main components of the mulcher can be immediately checked and inspected for its regular maintenance. Then from its rear, the quick-access guards allow the operator to perform fast maintenance and cleaning for the machine’s radiator.

Ergonomic design

As part of it’s neatly designed interior, the mulcher’s controls dashboard is designed to be clear and easily recognisable, while also strategically placed well within reach of the operator’s hands to promote seamless and efficient manoeuvring all through out a day’s work. Furthermore, the cabin also features a soundproof design with minimal vibration for added comfort and ease.

Powerful engine

The  PT-175 showcases a pretty solid and market leading Cummins QSB4.5 engine which can provide as much as 160 horsepower, which should be perfect for light to moderate tasks. To add to that, the Prime-tech mulcher’s also boosted by powerful hydraulics with a cutting-edge cooling system that completely prevents the component from overheating.

Stunning additions

In a bid to definitely outdo its models, Prime-tech latest compact mulcher has been peppered with new innovations such as the introduction of the proportional or reversible fan, improved steering and counter rotating software, a sucker an, and a slight adjustment to the mulcher rotor stick to make ground penetration much easier for the PT-175.

Prime-tech PT-175: Price


Prime-tech PT-175: Videos

Prime-tech PT-175: The Verdict

Overall, the 2015 Prime-tech PT-175 Mulcher performed well in our standard mulcher’s tests, while also surprising us with some nifty new features that doesn’t come as loud as the others, but still surely makes quite a difference when the machinery is finally put on the field. The spacious cabin looks and feels very comfortable and that ergonomic design should definitely come down as one of the mulcher’s strong point. It seems a lot more powerful that what I’ve initially expected and for a compact workhorse cutter, it surely packs a lot of power and stability in the field. Overall, the improved maneuverability, good interior and exterior design, and really decent working prowess of the Prime-tech PT-175 makes it one of the better choices to consider within the compact mulcher market.

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