Takeuchi TL8: The Introduction

Wheel and crawler loaders. You can say that this kind of heavy equipment pretty much started a revolution in the farming and construction fields and it changed how things are done. Ever since this machinery hit the market, tasks that are regulars in the mentioned fields have become more effective, efficient, sustainable, etc. Can you just imagine how things are if wheel and crawler loaders weren’t introduced? Tasks would probably be longer and more difficult to perform. The good news is these equipment are here, and they’re here to stay. And with this, it would be fitting to take a detailed look at the one that has gained the approval of professional contractors and even “ordinary joes” and “plain Janes:” the Takeuchi TL8.

Takeuchi TL8: Key Features

Compact but powerful

The TL8, the smallest in the Takeuchi line-up may be small, but make no mistake about it, it’s packed with a strong engine that comes with heightened operating capacity. With this, it can finish the toughest farming and construction tasks in no time at all.

Attachment control system

Takeuchi developed a new attachment control system that comes with three attachment settings that you can easily program to achieve specific hydraulic flow rates, that in turn can help you optimise the job that you are working on. In addition to this, you can achieve a comfortable operator’s seat.

Precision pilot controls 

The precision controls of the TL8 are so superbly done that it acts like a, say, extension of the operator. Which means that you can easily and quickly change from one standard ISO to another. This delivers a sense of versatility that no other model that is out on the market can deliver.

Unmatched durability

Aside from the above-mentioned attributes, the TL8 is as durable as it can be since it comes with full welded frame, integrated cross members and an undercarriage that sustains steel-to-steel contact between the heavy rollers and forged steel imbeds. With this, unparalleled traction as well improved track durability is achieved along the way.

High-tech machine data system

The TL8 is also armed with a high-tech machine data system and an innovative monitor panel that provide the operator with added functionality features that include fuel gauges and coolant temperature. The monitor comes with engine fault, work mode, hydraulic mode, and bucket float functions.

Protection and security

Last but not the least, you can be sure that you’re secure and protected with the TL8 because it comes with a heavy duty top hood as well as a rear door that is ROPS and FOPS certified and can ensure that your safety and welfare won’t be compromised during operations.

Takeuchi TL8: Price

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Takeuchi TL8: Videos

Takeuchi TL8: The Verdict

Small but no push over. This is the phrase that best describes the Takeuchi TL8: a compact yet powerful crawler loader that can compete well with their its established counterparts. While its price hasn’t been released, we’re guessing that they’re not as expensive as other brands that are out on the market, this makes it a dang good choice if you want something that can help with your farming tasks. All in all, the TL8 is a great buy that you won’t regret.


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