WHM 534/J 53HP Tractor: The Introduction

Tractors have turned into one of the most versatile machinery in the farming and landscaping industry over the last few decades. And that is largely due to the constant technological advancement that has occurred during that span. Within the last half of the previous century, leading up to the earlier part of this new one, we’ve seen tractors get more compact, but also more flexible in handling related farming tasks due to the wide range of attachments that’s been designed and launched in the market. These changes, of course, have all been good to the market, especially for the operators. And so in today’s review, we’ll be featuring one of the newest line of tractors that’s been launched in the market within the last 12 months. From one of the trusted farm equipment manufacturers in the world, here’s the brand new 2015 WHM 534/J 53HP 4WD Tractor.

WHM 534/J 53HP Tractor: Key Features

Robust build

The WHM 534/J 53HP 4WD tractor is noticeably heavier than most of its competitor, but that doesn’t slow down the equipment when it comes to performance and durability. In fact, the 3200kg (with the FEL fitted) weight of the 534/J—which is a few hundred kilograms heavier than some of its rival—is part of the tractor’s design in order to enhance the tractor’s build and chassis for it to efficiently and effectively do high demanding tasks like FEL work.

Ergonomic design

One thing that I immediately loved about the WHM 534/J is its exterior design, particularly its cabin. To be honest, it already left quite a good impression when I first saw it at the WHM tractor trading website, before it impressed us during our tests. Going back to the design, the cabin is able to provide comfortable interior with a great control dashboard that features easily recognizable and accessible controls. There’s also very good visibility for the operator, while entry and exit happens to be seamless and hassle-free.

Powerful and balanced

The tractors also has a pretty impressive 4 Cylinder naturally aspirated 3.1L diesel engine that provides up to 53 horsepower and around 158 lbs/ft of torque. In addition, the power equipment also features a decent amount of power and mobility specs such as power steering, two speed PTO (540/1000 RPM), dual hydraulic pumps, two stage ceramic clutch, and a shuttle shift forward reverse (8F/8R gears) for an excellent combination of strength and stability during operations.

Comfortable cabin

In line with the equipment’s good exterior design, the cabi have also been nicely customized to give superior comfort to the operator. The premium suspension seat and great visibility on the cabin makes operation a bit more relaxed and comfortable, while the side mounted controls and gear lever allow easy access and movement across the deck.

Easy to maintain

Furthermore, the WHM 534/J 53HP have also been designed to have its key components placed on accessible areas for easier maintenance and faster regular checks and cleanups. Additionally, the heavy equipment and workhorse also includes a roll over protection system, large sunshade, dual rear hydraulic remotes, quick-attach system, seed guard for radiator, for improved comfort and optimum protection.

WHM 534/J 53HP Tractor: Price

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WHM 534/J 53HP Tractor: Videos

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WHM 534/J 53HP Tractor: The Verdict

The 2015 WHM 534/J 53HP 4WD Tractor comes in as a huge heavyweight in its category, but it greatly works in its favor due to improved performance and durability. The machine is also powered by a fully able engine that supports the gigantic workhorse. Aside from that, it’s been also worth noting that despite the machine’s tough build, the manufacturers had a bit of their soft touch on the tractor’s cabin. The power equipment actually features a pretty nice deck with great visibility and great ergonomics that kind of lift some of the pressure off of the operator. Summing up, the 2015 WHM 534/J Tractor impressed me with its combination of strength and stability, though, the size will still play a huge factor especially if you’re looking for a more compact machinery to suit your workplace. But if you’re going for something big, you might as well go for something “bigger” in the form of the 2015 WHM 534/J; a practical and efficient choice.

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